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  1. tbh they prob didnt steal it, once i replaced my athlon 2 core laptop and put in a phenom, i forgot to plug in the power, it may be the same case scnario
  2. its probly the back up notification, or icloud is full notification
  3. not rly worth it unless you find for origninal price, because 2060 are now in shortage aswell
  4. im still pissed that the 1660s has 6gb of vram
  5. the seasonic one is $172, for platnium and 850 w mod, thats a deal for seasonic and the world
  6. this is prob the best i could find for the budget, since its 850w platniunm https://pcpartpicker.com/product/P638TW/seasonic-focus-plus-platinum-850w-80-platinum-certified-fully-modular-atx-power-supply-ssr-850px but for $200 you can get a 80+ gold 100w psu, full mod, but seasonic i trust more since it like intel vs amd back then, performance vs value
  7. get the best modular 850 wats or more psu lemme check wha t selection
  8. hmmmm i need a mods/minecraft server expert to halp
  9. it needs flans mod to run the packs, i got all of them, 3 content packs and that one mod, so basiclly theres a folder named "flans" for the packs, and in "mods" flans mod, they do it this way almost in evrey tutorial i found, but it could be missing something, csince it says as crah eeror "-1 blah bal blah error" ill tell what when i get the error when i play minecraft again, since im doign school now
  10. that is a point, i really want this to work, but it is acceptable it doesnt, i just need it to work until i get my pc in the mail in a month
  11. they are rated 5 stars and many videos, the intergrated graphics are uhd 620, and they worked on a ww2 server, from youtuber Phly Daily, and i tried the tutorial step by step