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  1. I recently bought an Asus Dual RX 5600xt EVO and I haven't been able to properly overclocked it. I can boost the clock speed up to 1820MHz but whenever I try to input a slightly higher number like 1840 it just goes back to 1820 after clicking apply. The exact same thing happens with Memory Clock which goes up to 1860 and comes back to that value after applying any bigger value. In every guide I've seen people just keep increasing the clock speeds while stress testing until they notice instabilities, I haven't found anyone who addresses the issue I'm having. This is my first time ov
  2. There's some variation, you can tell by just looking at the speed clocks. Low end versions have a boost clock of 1620MHz while high-end version have 1750MHz, which should translate in nearly 8% more fps, I actually just bought my 5600xt a week ago and after spending quite a lot of time looking at benchmarksand reviews I think I can give you good advice... If you reallly want to cut your budget, go for the cheapeast one you find, only avoiding the gigabyte windforce. If you want a good price/performance ratio go for the Sapphire Pulse (the one with the 1750MHz boost clock, not
  3. Hello guys, I've been playing all my life with 1080p 60hz monitors and I just recently upgraded to 1440p 144hz. I've read about V-sinc, free-sync and MBR and I can say that I understand what they do but I still get a really hard time trying to understand how would they benefit me, so I'd like to give you 2 scenarios of very different fps games (which I think is the most relevant genre for these settings) and hear what you think I should do. Valorant: my PC can push between 300 and 500 fps on 1440p depending on graphics settings, I know more fps equals less input lag but I'd guess t