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  1. The main reason I was contemplating it was because of the frame increase
  2. I am currently mass upgrading my pc and I want to know if my cpu would be able to support the ram i want, my motherboard is a Asus PRIME Z390M-PLUS Micro ATX motherboard and I have a i7 9700f to go with it, I am thinking about getting super fast ram since I am sadly rocking 2666mhz ram still. Now that I have finished the intro, the question I had was if i would be able to run Patriot Viper Steel ram that is clocked at 4000mhz on my pc (if my cpu could support it). If it doesnt support it, please let me know what I would need to do in order for me to run the sexy 4000mhz ram link t
  3. I dont wanna be a bug since your trying to help, but the cheapest I can find this is for 177
  4. Hey sorry to bug, I made a post about looking for a psu becuase I now have the money, but they weren't that much help lmao.. do you think this is a good psu? https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Toughpower-Crossfire-Hydraulic-PS-TPD-0650FNFAGU-1/dp/B07SL9NFVS/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=thermaltake%2Btoughpower%2BGF1&qid=1607995179&sr=8-2&th=1
  5. Something that would be able to handle a i7 9700f + 3070, so something in the 750w range would be best
  6. I am looking for the best bang for your buck psu that costs ~= 120 USD, can anyone help?
  7. do you think that the ASRock B365M Pro4 would be able to handle it?
  8. I am looking to upgrade my i3 9100f since the cyber weekend sale is going on right now at newegg, I had my eye on the i7 9700f. And was wondering my my motherboard (MSI H310M Pro-VDH plus) would be able to handle it,,if not I would appreciate it if you could link a motherboard preferably in the 60-90 USD range
  9. I know it's been a day already, but I have a super noob question, and that is if I could pair a i7 9700f with a Corsair CX650M edit: also im hoping to pair it with a 1080ti in a month or 2
  10. I will for sure keep a lookout for any deals on Black Friday, and if there aren't any relatively good ones I will most likely end up buying this one, thanks for the help
  11. I live US and I buy my parts from Newegg and sometimes Amazon
  12. I currently have a i3 9100f, rx 590 and 16gb of ram @ 2666mhz,, this is powered by a a EVGA 450BR psu. My question is would I need to upgrade my psu if i were to upgrade to a i5 9400f and a 1660ti/2060, and if an upgrade would be needed are there any suggestions you have to cheap reliable psu's that would fit these parts?