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  1. i thought its HDR Ready? where do you get that information?
  2. i see, to be honest i really want to snatch 850 but its contrast ratio is really low While MSI has 300 more contrast, i kinda afraid with the oversaturation do you play with wide gamut or srgb mode? is the vibrancy especially with orange/red color bother you? i thought G7's color is good as LG
  3. May i know why is it terrible? because from specs its really good especially the motion handling and also contrast, if not only for the price lol do you replace it (or planned to?) with what?
  4. they already stocked today in my country and also will it be wise to up to 4k now? like lg 27GN950?
  5. i mean USD dollars, i expect few indonesian here, lol but i think i should be fine around 6jt - 12jt IDR, 15 if its necessary, but i need to save a bit more then is there any cooling that you recommend? i planned to buy 3080 in the future so 3070/3060ti is enough to cut it? i am not sure about 5600x and 3600x, sure 3600 is cheaper but is it future proof enough like 3 years? and could i upgrade it to 5000 serie with the same motherboard? why that guy thinks its overpriced? so 3600 is enough ?
  6. thanks for the advice on dual channel, whats CL difference does make? i am always afraid of overheating on CPU, so stock cooling is enough? i see so the build only enough on 1440p 144hz gaming then
  7. Budget (including currency): 600 - 1000 dollars Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Single Player game such like Cyberpunk, Metro Exodus, Shadow of Tomb raider etc Other details : So i planned to upgrade (more kind of overhaul) my PC this is my current build CPU: i5 4670k Motherboard: msi B85m G43 Gaming RAM: 4 x 4Gb Corsair Vengeance VGA: Galax 2060 8GB Super Fan: stock cooling (my other fan broke) PSU: Superflower Leadex iii RGB 750w Gold Plus Case: Prime n[k] (kind of local build from my country) from all of that, i think
  8. i want to buy a new monitor with 1440p, since i played mostly single player game (the only competitive game i played is Dota 2) i care more about visual fidelity first, but decent/good response time is welcome i torn between IPS and VA, currently i have LG 27GL650 F, its really good but i hear VA has deeper black that make the color pop out more, but it has worst peformamne out of three panels and also bad viewing angles, so i think i stick to IPS, unless there is a good VA monitor that exceed IPS choices currently i have 3 candidates LG 27GL850F DELL S2721
  9. So I have LG 27GL650-f so far its great but I used to 22 inch 1080p Samsung TV, so it's feel kinda blurry to me I got it after my friend suggestion, it's totally worth buy according to him, and tbh it's great except I kinda annoyed with low pixel density Then I said I wan to upgrade to 1440p, but he said my 2060 super couldn't handle that, because it will be less than 100fps, and it hinder the game play, but the only competitive game i playing is Dota 2, (i mainly focus on single player game) he as far suggesting me 4k TN panel if I want a "crisp" display Then I understand may