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  1. G305 97g vs g pro x at 60g, big difference in my option, i do agree with you tho, $150 and still no usb c is depressing
  2. I have to say man, I'm in love with how this mouse looks and it just so happens that I'm looking for a new mouse right now. Clean, no flashy RGB, no weird shapes. 1 Problem tho, Micro usb. So is this mouse worth getting? Its $150. I would get the older Logitech g pro but there is no white version available, there was a white limited edition but it resells for $500 which is absurd. What do y'all think? Logitech G Pro X Worth buying? I'm need a wireless mouse because my desk has very sharp edges and that kills the wire.
  3. You must be talking about a lower end mode right? now way a 4k OLED display laptop gets 10h of battery life?
  4. Sure, Give me all alternatives you got.
  5. These no lower res oled screen 4k is the only option, But thanks anyways.
  6. Okay so first what i'm going to be using it for: I'm not interested in gaming or editing, I just want a good looking screen because i'm trying to launch a online business so i spend quite a bit of time on my laptop. So, Reading & Watching Videos is what i'm going to be using it for. Things i care about a lot: Build Quality,Display, Speakers, Battery life Things i DON'T care about: Gaming Performance which also kinda means that it doesn't need to have good thermals since i'm not going to be using it for any intense work, But i am going to be running it for hours and having lots of pro