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  1. you're right. i can try to provide an export of the administrative events eventlog the next time i'm using the freezing computer. thanks!
  2. thanks for the advice, but everythings already up to date
  3. Default now again, since the C-State disable didn't solve the problem
  4. Sorry for the late response and thanks for your answer. The install was a fresh install, no upgrade. I just tried the page file stuff after the freezes appeared, its set to default now
  5. Hello guys. After i helped a friend of mine switching to windows 10 from windows 7, his pc started to freeze every 1-2h no matter what he is doing. This is going on for some time now. Specs: intel core i5 4460 gtx 980 asus rog maximus VI impact Theres never a blue screen, the pc just freezes. Heres what i already tried: -sfc /scannow -disable link state power management -turned off fast startup -deleted temp files -set the pagefile manually -windows memtest, looked good -updated all drivers, including
  6. Update: Black Screen is gone as long as i only use 1 display, not 2. As soon as i add the second DP cable the display starts flickering / goes black for several seconds. The main display works fine. GPU-Z says it's running @ x4 2.0, sometimes x4 1.1. New mainboard incoming.
  7. The PCIe lock got stuck and i wasn't able to reach it, so i pulled the 1080 ti from the left a bit and then I already heard the cracking sounds from the slot "pins". It's loose now. The slot itself was never the tightest anyway, maybe should have reclaimed it immediately when I received it.
  8. Currently not possible. Thanks. I don't know, it just arrived today. It's new. The upper slot died due to an absolutely avoidable fuckup on my end - the 3080 was never in there. I'm trying to find an 1151 Mainboard ASAP but before, I would be glad to know it the card's okay.
  9. Hi there, the upper PCIe slot on my Asrock Z370 Pro4 is dead so i have to use the lower one at x4 3.0 My 1080 ti works fine with the slower slot, but my Zotac 3080 leaves my display black. The LEDs and Fans are on, but my display won't show anything. I'm using a be quiet! 750W Straight Power Platinum PS so that shouldnt be the issue. Is my card broken or do you think its because of the wrong PCIe slot? Thanks for any replies!