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  1. Im looking for a equal or better than HomePods quality speaker (battery-bluetooth) , looking into JBL boombox but I doubt the bass is as defined. Any suggestions?
  2. I see, thats what i also thought, do you think its worth it to search for a 60hz alternative to the LG 48 CX so i could save some cash, or would i be better of buying this monitor and using the 120hz on the longer term?
  3. Im new to the mac world, considering buying the LG 48 CX OLED instead of a 60hz 49" Ultrawide and im wandering if i could drive it with my Macbook Pro 16" through an hdmi adapter. As far as i could search i couldnt find a clear answer to that, so if thats not posible, should i get into the new mac minis with the m1 that seem to have a better chance at that? Thanks for your thoughts!