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  1. I noticed that my laptop has nearby sharing feature and also my smartphone has. When I tried to share non of them could find each other. Is the nearby sharing only for windows-windows and android-android? Or is it something wrong from my side? Is it possible to use nearby share for windows-android? But yes, I can share between two smartphones, haven't really tried between two windows.
  2. Yeah, by default it is set to 5%. I did increase it to max and now it's all fine. Temps are high but not that much on battery. Thankss
  3. When I keep my laptop unplugged the laptop is terrifically slow. And the CPU speed is weirdly low (0.40GHz) even though the Max Processor state is set to 100% & battery saver turned off. I was just using chrome ( 1 tab open and that was youtube ). Putting back to the charger fixes everything, but I can't really have my charger all the time. Everything on the screen feels like 20-30Hz.... even the letters I type take time to come up on the screen. Acer Nitro 5 - 8GB RAM ( 2.1GB system reserved ), 256GB SSD+1TB HDD, Ryzen 5 3550H ( Base speed 2.1GHz, turbo 3.7GHz ), RX 560X
  4. I have a RX 560X and it is able to play - GTA V - Low - 65FPS, Med- 60FPS, High-55FPS, Ultra-35FPS Far Cty 3 - Ultra - 65FPS Just Cause 3 - Ultra - 55FPS And RX 550 is very much equal to 560X cause 560X is a laptop GPU
  5. Just to save few seconds lol.... anyways I would not bother that much even if it doesn't works..... trackpad gestures does the work for me xD
  6. It gives me the error (The windows next to the sign-in prompt)
  7. After the 20H2 update in windows my Cortana could not do a single thing, I thought update would come for the same but still, not even a single thing cortana can do. It can only give answers to web-search related questions but not system things like changing sound, brightness, shutting down the pc etc etc. Which Cortana was able to do before the 20H2 update. I found cortana to be helpful but now it's, just lying in the taskbar with no use. Even the voice activation isn't working, it asks to approve but gives an error. I have just installed the latest ver from microsoft store. Some screenshots
  8. Yeah I found the same for AMD, there's something called Vari-Bright in the AMD Radeon setting which does that to save power. Thanks you all for your support!!!
  9. But I have AMD CPU and GPU, I had mentioned on the post...so I don't have anything like INTEL Graphics Control Still I will look of on the AMD Radeon to find something like that
  10. The brightness of my display gradually increases when I move from a black screen to a white screen, for eg. suppose I am on YouTube home page (In dark theme) which is dark and quickly move to lets say this site i.e, linustechtips.com which is very much light (basically most of the area is white), the brightness will be too low at the starting and gradually come back to normal. I don't know why this happens and even the brightness bar remains constant. Everything on the laptop is up-to-date. Is this any feature kinda thing or a bug? Even though it's not very annoying but still! Specs - Acer
  11. Maybe... I just referred this site https://superuser.com/questions/1501856/what-speed-will-my-ram-run-if-my-system-memory-spec-is-2933mhz-and-the-ram-is-32 The guy who is taking the example of 3 people
  12. Actually buying a 3600MHz is waste of money for your rig as the Ryzen 5 2600x supports upto 2933MHz. So yeah buying 3600MHz would be worthless until CPU is upgraded. Here's a screenshot of CPU specification, see the "System memory specification". Hope you got it!
  13. Yeah it's done, thanks man.. But what really it does? I wasn't having a problem then and nor saw a change now.. I am just kinda curious Once again thanksss!!!!
  14. I was roaming on the system settings and device manager and found that this particular drive has some issue with it... I actually don't have any problem with my laptop but still just in case.. Following this rule "IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX" Should I bother on this? Can someone also say what problem does this cause? Some screenshots