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  1. I believe I have found the cause of the problem to be not only the M.2 but also my hard drives that where previously in RAID 1 as such I am going to attempt to reformat the drives tomorrow on a different PC. Beyond that the only thing I can think of is the motherboard itself however if anyone else has any other suggestions I am open and willing to try them.
  2. Re seated the CPU and I am back to my original issue. I think the M.2 is bad and that I am doing something wrong when trying to install Windows on my hard drive causing it to blue screen.
  3. The more and more I try it seems like the M.2 is the issue, while I have not tried different ram in my system my ram works in known good systems. I do not have a GPU only integrated graphics which I have tried both the VGA and display ports on the MB. I will try resetting the CPU since it is the only thing that hasn't been yet and I initially thought the igpu was the issue
  4. @Akolyte With everything disconnected except for a blank hard drive and an USB I now see the windows logo for a little bit before it blue screens
  5. It did the same thing as before but then I messed with the boot order and it blue screened. Assuming our next step is to reinstall windows should I just plug back in one of my hard drives and use it to boot from, and/or should I remove my M.2? The RAM does work in another computer.
  6. Did not work... I might be able to borrow a stick of RAM tomorrow, also i probably shouldn't have said it restarts... the fans never stop, the bios comes up auto repairs, monitor says no signal, repeat EDIT: I cannot get a spare stick of RAM however a friend will test mine for me Possibly?? the RAID was done through the bios and since I haven't used it yet I just unraided them before disconnecting them from the pc (same issue before and after and wiping the data) Since I had nothing on them It was worth a shot in my mind. Do you mean a USB with a fresh windows or
  7. At this point I have disconnected all forms of storage except for an empty hard drive and a USB with windows 10 but need help getting it to boot. After turning my PC on I received multiple blue screens followed by many restarts. This was solved by turning off XMP and setting DRAM speed to auto. Upon reaching my desktop I received a notification that my D drive was corrupt and required a restart. I restarted the PC and the BIOs does an Automatic repair loads for a second and restarts over and over. I powered off the PC and disconnected the Hard drives in RAID 1 as drive D but the problem p
  8. I am currently looking at this but unsure if this is the best option https://www.amazon.com/KOOBOOK-1-44MB-Floppy-Connector-Adapter/dp/B07WCRF9H3/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=34+pin+to+usb&qid=1609999824&sr=8-3
  9. Having built my PC in an older case I would like to get the 3.5 in floppy drive working, it uses a 34 Pin IDC and I am not quite sure how to go about it. I am looking for a decently cheap adapter for USB headers, SATA, or PCIe and any advice on hiccups that might come with getting things working on Windows 10. Either of which would be greatly appreciated.
  10. While I do not know enough to help you It might be helpful if you provide more information on what you already have and what you are trying to do. For instance your current motherboard could just need an update to work with the new CPU and you may have plenty of RAM.
  11. Nostalgia got me and I would like to get my old PC up and running again. Due to an unfortunate series of accidents 6 years ago it stopped working and it has sat in a closet since. Me knowing more about PCs now than I did back then, dug it out and narrowed it down to my Pentium 4 2.20GHz/512/400 SL6S8 processor (2 broken pins). If I am going to be be buying replacement parts I might as well get the best (within reason) that is still compatible. CPU - What I've gathered from the Manuel is that the Processor I already have is the best compatible, but that might just be what Dell
  12. That's the thing... I am in zero rush to buy anything, UHD 630 can get me by until I make a decision
  13. What if I want to avoid used, I am not against it but I have been advised to avoid it since everything else is new
  14. With the current GPU market I missed my chance to get a new GPU in the sub $150-250 USD range. I have accepted that fact and will make due with the integrated graphics on my i7-9700k (bought on sale) until I can get a GPU at a decent price but once I can which one should I get? I enjoy more CPU intensive games and I am used to playing on really low graphics with everything else. With that said I am looking at getting a 1660 Super but in the back of my head I am not sure if I need that much power and or need to spend that much. I have looked at the 1650 Super and it seems alright for my needs a
  15. Thank you for the suggestions. I got another picture of the case and it has vents on the side that I didn't know about and they will help general airflow. I will likely be taking the black funnel off. And from the motherboard it have 7in clearance