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  1. While playing dayz my ram usage is 9gb but commit charge 19gb. WHat kind of processes on my pc reguire 10gb of memory while i have nothing else running? pls explain.
  2. The tv has been dropped. The panel is a bit damaged in one of the corners. Maybe this is the reason?
  3. Im locked and stable at 60fps/hz
  4. I hooked up my pc to the tv to play some games and theres horizontal kinda blurry/tearing bars appearing all the time. V sync is on fast in nvidia and triple buffering is on. Tried all 3 hdmi slots in the tv and 2 cables nothing helps. Anyone knows a fix?
  5. Installed rdr2 on that small low end pc to play it on a TV but 2gb of vram wasnt enough to run it above 720p. Merged my main rig with it and now it runs 60 fps full hd medium graphics! :D
  6. I was wondering if an i5 2500 would be enough to encode 1080p 60fps video for a twitch stream with the best possible settings in obs?
  7. yeah i will put a water cooler on it, seems like the best option
  8. i just did a test with 100% fan speed which allowed me to get 2100 mhz without artifacts while with 72% fan speed im getting them every time the gpu hits 2100mhz. This makes me think that better cooling might yield a better overclock to some extend. hmm
  9. Core voltage is at 100% which is max. The gpu is consuming max 1050 mv under load.
  10. I was planning on mounting the gpu flat on the bottom of the case and run a pcie riser to the slot on the motherboard. Also i can get small hetsinks online for the memory and vrm's. If someone knows whats limiting my overclock please let me know what i need to do
  11. Hi, im wondering if slapping a cpu tower cooler on my gpu will make it overclock higher? I reached a max overclock of 2085/7585mhz on my 1660 super and the max temp while gaming is 65 celsius.
  12. If my commit charge while playing is 20gb do i need that amount of ram installed or does it even matter for performance?
  13. My month old msi ventus x2 started making like a grinding/cracking noise when spinning above 60% fanspeed so i took the fans off to investigate which one was making the noise. I was spinning the fans by hand and suddenly the problem got 100x worse. Is spinning the fans by hand bad for them? Will the retail shop believe my story and send me a new card for the broken one?
  14. 850w seasonic gold rated or better will do