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  1. I'll run Memtestx86 overnight then. I have stresstested before but I'll try and redo that as well. EDIT: Stresstested ~30 minutes using FurMark and Cinebench R23. Utilization was 100% and temps stayed nice and low (~80° on the GPU and ~70° on the CPU). No crashes or problems during the run. Windows Integrated Memory test ran yesterday with 2 completions as a target and the advanced mode enabled but wasn't able to complete (was still at 90% on the first run today, no progress made from yesterday evening) but hadn't found any problems so far either. I ran it again just now
  2. Sadly, no BSoD. Just a straight crash to BIOS (everything goes black, PC starts rebooting). There was a BSoD crash recently which I think was unrelated but I will post it here. Like I said above, the crash does not involve a BSoD, sadly. In what way would you try to diagnose RAM or PSU failures? 050121-42140-01.dmp
  3. I'm having problems with crashes on my PC so I wanted to monitor it a bit with OpenHardwareMonitor to try and catch one of the crashes in-action. Sure enough i found the option to log th readings with 1 sec intervals (which should be enough for my purposes) but when i went to open the first logs, the logging file was such a mess that I couldn't see which numbers belonged to which spec and even after pushing it around a bit i couldn't read a thing. The default programs my PC suggested to open the .csv file was Microsoft Excel. Is there a way to use the logging file and translate
  4. @Enzo1001I need two @Ankh Tech Thx, I've been browsing around on there a bit since many are missing information and don't quite know what to look out for. Do you have some personal experience with cases fitting my description or any recommendations on what i shouldn't cheap out on?
  5. @Enzo1001 Meshify C has great aesthetics, but as far as i can see it's missing the two 5.25'' bays I need.
  6. I'm looking for a new case at the moment and don't really have a time pressure. I just think a new case would be nice to have and might look a bit better as well. Main thing i'm looking for is better airflow and sound prformance though. I have 2 external 5.25'' devices, 1 internal 3.5'' HDD and 1 internal 2.5'' SSD. My CPU cooler is a Dark Rock pro 4 that just BARELY fits inside my current case (162.8mm height i think). The GPU is a RTX 2070 non-super. My old case has a top mounted power supply. I've seen that new cases almost always have bottom