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  1. Yes indeed. I know it will be very difficult but it will be a project that I will continues to make better over years and years. I think if I just take enough time to do it it will work out.
  2. Hello there! I guess this belongs into hobby electronics? I am currently learning to code in C++ and I want to code my own virtual assistant for my room. It will do stuff like turn on and off lights, play music for me on command and so on. How much computing power does something like this need? Would a Raspberry Pi of the newest version suffice? Or do I need something with more juice? I guess the needed power could be compared to an Amazon Alexa or similar, just a little lower since it wont have just as much commands and data to process. Thanks in advance!
  3. I personally always liked Logitechs mice and I have quite large hands. So my choice would be the G703 hero or, my second choice would be one of the Razers, probably the Lancehead or the Viper. Although I have to say I never tried any of the ASUS mice. I have tried Stteelseries' mice but they are really not my type.
  4. Hello there! I have a very old laptop (like really really old) with a HSD101PFW2 display inside of it. Since I cannot use the laptop anymore (it's broken), I at least want to use the screen for something useful. It has an LVSD 40 pin connector and I am looking for an option to plug a HDMI cable into this display with some kind of converter or similar. I have been searching for something to use but I cannot find any option. Can someone please help me find an option to use HDMI with this screen? Thanks in advance!
  5. Oh that makes sense. And I agree - 50Mbit is pretty good for a power line adapter, I am very happy with it. Thanks for the extra info!
  6. Yup that has to be false advertising. They "hid" the actual speed in the description on amazon and wrote 600Mbit into the title... Thanks TP-Link (stil very happy with the product since 50Mbit is way more than enough for me and my provider doesn't even support 600Mbit in my town). That could be very true. The 8 pin cables I tried are all way older than the 4 pin cable and have been in multiple walls. Perhaps they just did not age well/got a little damaged while pulling them out of walls etc. From what I heard ethernet cables are not the most durable ones and quite fragile in most cases
  7. I just looked at my "wall box" and this one only has 4 pins, which should limit the speed to 100Mbit. That clears some things up but still doesn't explain why the 8 pin is slowe (at least it does not explain it to me since I don't know a lot about this topic).
  8. Hopefully it was just the Windows update, good luck!
  9. I was connecting my router (which does support at least 100Mbit if I use my Desktop PC) with this: TP-Link TL-PA4010P KIT which support up to 600Mbit (This is one of those ethernet to wall "boxes" so you can use ethernet in a room without ethernet connectors in the wall) and in another room I connected the "wall box however you may call these" with my laptop. If I use router directly to my Desktop PC I get exactly 100Mbit. I should mention that I always used the same number of pins to connect the router with the wall box and the wall box with the laptop. I hope that was somehow understan
  10. How do other games behave? Do other games work with proper GPU usage? Also - I heard that the newest Windows 10 update causes major GPU usage and FPS issues, especially with high end GPUs, such as yours. Maybe try to update your drivers and look up which Windows version you have and which one causes issues. Sorry I don't know which Windows version exactly causes the problems.
  11. Hello there! I have a freaking ton of ethernet cables at home for the amount of devices that actually use one, so I tried different cables for my PC. I tried it with an ethernet cable that has 4 pins (1-white, 2-orange/white, 3-green/white and 6-green/white) with a result of 50Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s upload (I took 5 attempts with each cable and made sure no other devices use internet from my router at the time of test). After that, I changed the cable to a cable with 8 pins (just the standart 8 pin layout) and got 30Mbit/s download and 20Mbit/s upload which really confused me
  12. Okay, that makes a lot more sense to me now. Thank you guys so much!
  13. So it is only used to make the code more "readable"/understandable and reduce the lines of code in a single file?
  14. Hello there! I am a complete newbie and started with C++ one week ago. I just learned about classes and structures. I know that I can write them before i start my "int main()" and that I can write them into a completely different file and just integrate a link to the new file with my classes before "int main()". My question is: If I had a really big project with really big files, would it be faster if I wrote the classes and so on in the file itself or would it be faster if I write them into a different file and just use the link to the new file? Or would the loading times not be e
  15. There is a 240W power supply in it so it shouldn't use too much power. Thanks!
  16. Hello there! I managed to get an old office PC for free with 4GB of DDR3 RAM and an Intel Pentium G2020 (2 Cores, 2 Threads, @2.9GHz). I was wondering if this PC would be powerful enough to be used as a Plex server with Linux Ubuntu? Thanks in advance
  17. Hello there! I own an OnePlus Nord which comes with a 45W Charger in the Box and the classic red OnePlus cable. If I use the 45W Charger with the red cable, I can use Warp-Charging which charges my phone from 0-100% in about 35 minutes. Although the cable is super short, and if I use the same Charger with a different cable, I cannot warp charge and it takes waayyy longer to charge. What kind of cable do I need to use warp Charge? Does it have to be by OnePluse, or are there other cables which support 45W charging? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Perhaps it was 30W and not 45W.
  18. I completely agree with you, those cards are intented to run very high resolutions on very high settings. Using a number for 1080p from a bottleneck calculator sure was not the best idea and I have learned from this mistake. In the future, I will first ask what games the person is playing on which resolution and try to find user experience for this games instead of using a bottleneck calculator. Thank you for pointing these things out.
  19. Sorry I forgot to include the usecase and info. 10% bottleneck is the average for this combination at 1080p gaming on ultra settings. Here is my source: https://www.cpuagent.com/cpu/amd-ryzen-9-3900x/bottleneck/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080?res=1&quality=ultra The link actually says 11%. I totally agree with you on the application topic, sorry for not including it, that was my fault.
  20. The 3900X may bottleneck the 3080 for about 10% of its performance. If you really want an absolute dream machine and you care about the 10% for your streaming and content creation - get a 5000 series. If you think that the 10% bottleneck are not worth spending an extra (how much is it? like 400- bucks?) for a new CPU - don't get it. I personally would not get it, because the better performance would not be worth the so much extra spending for me, but this is just my opinion. Hope that helps!
  21. 1. I dont think that the extra VRAM will make too much difference in the next 2-4 years, I would go with the 3070 or maybe the 3060 if you really want the extra VRAM but still decent ray tracing support. 2. 16GB should be enough. I run a dual monitor setup too and never ever had any problems with my RAM usage, even if I was gaming on my main monitor and watching movies/videos on my secondary display. Go with the 16GB and if you start getting problems with it, upgrade in the future, although I doubt you will have problems. 3. Keep as much as you can, save the money foe better parts. T
  22. Oh ok, this shouldnt be an issue. This was my only idea right now, sorry and good luck!