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  1. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but what is the Infinity Fabric and how can i do that? I have OC'd my RAM (i think) as it is on DCOP. Thanks!
  2. Any tips on how to get rid of dust from keyboards? Thanks
  3. Hey guys, is it worth overclocking my CPU for some better gaming performance? I haven't done any OC before so wanted to know first if it's worth it and which is the best way to do it if it is! Thanks in advance!
  4. Any solutions for this while playing Warzone please??? Thank you
  5. Thank you for your help, i created this topic: and was told pretty much the same, i posted the images there as well! I was a bit worried that it might be the motherboard RAM slots but in the test itself it recognizes the 32GB's of RAM so it can't be the slots Blue screens and errors: https://t.co/h3FZAyVric?amp=1 https://t.co/vRSCo1keSQ?amp=1 https://t.co/0wvdHbqs24?amp=1
  6. Makes sense, and as seen in the Memtest image, it does recognize all 32gb's so it has to be the RAM itself! Thank you very much!
  7. Thank you! I have already spoken with the company i bought them from and they will send me news ones which is great news, the only thing i was worried about if it's actually the RAM slots and not the RAM sticks itself but i am not sure if Memtest would give an error if the RAM slots are faulty? i think it only gives you an error if there's something wrong with the sticks?
  8. Hey guys, been experiencing a lot of crashes recently, specially while playing Warzone. I first tried uninstalling the game from my SSD and install it on my HDD but it kept occurring. I then downloaded memtest86 to check my RAM and got the below errors while booting the PC after doing the memtest and in the memtest itself i got an error as well. does this mean my RAM is busted? Thanks in advance Blue screens and errors: https://t.co/h3FZAyVric?amp=1 https://t.co/vRSCo1keSQ?amp=1 https://t.co/0wvdHbqs24?amp=1
  9. https://files.slack.com/files-pri/TLMASKU5A-F01NP5R74JW/ram.jpg Anyone knows what this error might be?
  10. Ran the test again with the 4 sticks installed and it did give me an error.. i think my RAM is faulty..
  11. I installed all 4 sticks once again and run the rest with no errors.. I don’t know what’s going on? Why did the first time I did the test I got a bunch of errors? (The test crashed because of the amount of errors it had, lol) but after testing 2 at a time and now all 4 again and no errors?
  12. Did this and it gave me errors while having the 4 sticks of ram installed. I then removed 2 sticks and did the test again with no errors so I removed the 2 first sticks and then installed the other 2 sticks with no errors either, super strange. It gave errors while the 4 were connected but not when testing 2 at a time? Any idea?
  13. Played 2 games today and got this error: https://ibb.co/8Y0qs4Y , i played for a good 4 hours yesterday after installing it on the HDD without any errors
  14. 3 games on and still no crash... fingers crossed this worked!
  15. Finished installing warzone on my HDD, going to play a few games and see what happens. Pray 4 me Will update later