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  1. I was playing gta 5 on my pc. The specs are given below: Pentium dual core e6600@ 3.06Ghz Nvidia GeForce GT 710 6GB DDR3 1033mhz While playing, the computer suddenly shut down and gave a BSOD stating the "kmode exception could not be handled". Then It collected necessary info and it started rebooting into windows but started to perform some disk check or repair. The power suddenly went off. Now it is stuck in a in a bootloop where the startup repairs tries to repair it and then says it couldn't, then I have the option to reboot again or manual troubleshoot. I
  2. It better be true, 'cause Nvidia should also look into the budget segment. There was a source listing on the lenovo website, as saw. Btw,people are already posting RTX 3050ti benchmarks on Yt lol
  3. Please help me guys!! I am going to buy my first gaming pc, but running on an extremely tight budget. After a long research, I have sorted out the three GPU's: • GTX 1650 Super • GTX 1060 6GB • RTX 3050 ( or ti maybe??) I also considered the team red options, but have heard that they aren't really that great in after sales updates and also cost a lot more (about $50-$70 more) for the rx 580 and the rx 570 aren't around anymore. RX 5500XT performed inferior to the GTX 1650 super and also cost about $50 more. Now, I have came t
  4. Go for the rtx 3070. Cranking the settings down may get you a 100+ in even cyberpunk, considering it is optimised above average. AMD gpu's do surely sound like a better deal but are a whole lot worse in aftersales support and driver updates.
  5. It worked !! Thank you so much , GoodEnough.
  6. Hi, i am a new member of this forum and came here looking forward to some help by you guys. I recently bought a gpu for my potato pc (zotac gt 710 single fan, in case it matters) and installed all the drivers and overclocking utility by zotac. I played some games and looking forward to some performance improvements, i overclocked my gpu slightly and then went on with my downloading stuff. Next day when i turned on the pc, i first got the screen freeze and bsod stating that it has got "whea_uncorrectible_error". I understood the issue ( perhaps) and went on to the comput