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  1. Yep, thanks i will take note and im kinda remembering a linus video about that... Thanks Topic Closed
  2. Im 100% sure that i only have 8gb available in my modules (4gb in each slot) Tat would mean that every module have 9gb and only 3 can be used?... makes no sence to me
  3. Hi hello guys, noob question here... i have I5 4460 SSD via Sata Kingston 240gb 1tb in HDD asus strix 1050 ti AND 8gb (in 2 sticks 4gb each one) Honestly i recently play things like LoL, WoW, not much demanding tittles, but i was checking the Task manager this days and i noticed about this; The blue circle indicates my official ram instaled (i think) and whats this about confirmed RAM (Red circle) I like to know whats this? the difference between this 2 circles After a couple of tries of uploading the screenshot of the task manager...
  4. I get to read it idk if its against the rules to give u the credit :v
  5. Hahahaha thanks no prob i still searching and also i will risk my account "MURGLERMULGER"
  6. Hi guys im Juan, from Colombia, yesterday Disney plus was released in mostly all LATAM... But when the most authentic fans search for all the content was clearly half or less the content (The simpsons only seasons 29/30), but in the service offered by Disney+ in some other continents the Simpsons are complete all the seasons, my very first question here is: Can Disney+ be used with a VPN? also what would be the best VPN for the case. Also my account RECENTLY created and billed in South America CAN use the VPN services and not getting banned by Disney+ (I mean the account was created yesterda