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  1. Hello. i recently "rebuilt" my pc due to cables being all over the place. So i remove all the screws and parts and put everything back in its place and prayed everything would work LOL. While i was at it i decided to change my gpu thermal paste after about 2years. I put my gpu back and pc was working. So when i got into a game i checked my temp i was surprised to see it raise to 80c my gpu would almost never go above 75c even when overclocking and playing for hours. Is there anyone that had this problem before that fixed? have i done somethign wrong when putting the stuff back in place? Any he
  2. would also recommend going used if possible, I bought a used pc with 400$ probably costed 1000$ new
  3. so the 2500k need to be overclocked to perform better then the 3470?. How much more better tho?
  4. how much more would it improve when overclocking tho
  5. i am trying to scratch together some parts for christmas to give to my little brother so he can play some games. Not the highest maybe but you know, Able to launch the games. So i recently found a i5 3470 and a i5 2500k for sale. The i5 3470 was 60$ and the i5 2500k was 80$. I dont know if the prices are alright since these have been out for some years. i did look at the video of a i5 3470 vs i5 2500k and it did look like they were close . But the i5 2500k can overclcok and the i5 3470 cant if i am correct. So i wonder wich is better in terms of performence ,temp and so on Any info is good en