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    Intel i7-4770K
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero
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    16 GB - Corsair Vegeance Pro
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    Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II OC
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    Logitec G710+
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  1. I have looked at it during the competition and tried it out a bit, so I'm no expert. Also I only tested Google Cloud so this might differ significantly from other providers. If you are willing to put in the work to deal with preemptible instances in Google Cloud you can setup a Node with 8 vCores and 4 Nvidia T4s for about 0.5 USD an hour, which makes it about 12 USD a day. If you go non-preemptible it becomes quite a bit more expensive, it'll be something like 1.18 - 1.70 USD per hour depending on how long you run it (the longer you do the more discount you get, ie. the closer to the 1.1
  2. I know, no worries, that's why I put the there. Probably wouldn't be in my system right now if it wasn't just to get that bit of extra PPD when folding.
  3. Ok, good to know and thanks for the clarification. But how dare you go after my 770 like that ... that was once my pride and joy.
  4. Yeah thats more or less what I meant, since your using a mining card I don't know what the drivers look like on linux (I've never had a mining card) but if your using standard drivers (GTX version I mean) for the mining card, there's probably some miss-match or inefficiency somewhere on there. Nvidia always can be tricky to get right under linux. Do you mean modded BIOS as in a different one from the regular GPUs using a TPU 106 die? (So that would be a 1060 if I'm not mistaken right?)
  5. Yeah that makes sense, I still have a windows drive in my system for the exact same reason. I use Linux on the daily and whenever a game runs on linux, but I'll reboot and switch to Windows when it doesn't run on linux (yet, hopefully).
  6. I'm guessing it's the drivers. PCIe bandwidth isn't really an issue for folding. I have an old GTX 770 running in a probably broken slot that only get 3.0 x1 bandwidth and it performs as it should/did before it was bumped by the upgrade.
  7. First of all, yes there probably still is some GPU WU shortage out there. I'm guessing your GPU is showing up on either the web-interface or the advance client right? If not you need to add another slot in the advanced config for your GPU. You should be able to do both CPU and GPU WU at the same time, so either be patient and wait to get a WU or you could set the client-type to advanced or even beta in the advanced client under the expert tab. Does that make sense? If not just tell me what you need clarification on.
  8. Ok, yes I know about WSL, but at least for me it's not really the same. But I get where your coming from and especially with the remark below, it makes a lot of sense though.
  9. Is that a wallpaper/backgroup promoting Linux on a Windows machine I see there ...
  10. Yep, that's how all the communication for FAH works, through telnet at what ever port you have configured, 36330 per default. That really should work, otherwise you have some other problem, it's never failed me and I've used it 10s to 100s of times.
  11. Yep, I have no clue about the actual billing right, now just going by my own calculations of usage time and price per hour. I've also had to make sure that I don't include the 30% price reduction you get after a number of hours cause that can bite you in the end.
  12. Ok, seems like your probably right. Are you gonna try it? I mean like in the next couple of days? I don't want to take the risk as everything is working right now and I don't want to waist PPD in trying to convert, when I don't know if it will work the way I want it to, but I'd be very interested in hearing from you once you've tried it.