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  1. Sure. Thank you so much though. After restarting, it started working again
  2. But a new problem has occurred, at first it got connected but when i tried to reconnect it, it says failed to connect org.bluez.Error.Failed
  3. okay so i tried bluetoothctl but nothing happens. It gets stuck in that.
  4. ohhh that so. How do i pair with the terminal?? Also do you know why in chromeos(in my device) this problem exists but in linux mint/ other os it works just fine
  5. Single boot. I dont really know the name of the bluetooth card.. hope the attached file helps. Laptop: Asus tp200s Processor: Intel Celeron N3050
  6. Yeah i installed it the way mentioned. Everything is working perfectly except for bluetooth. Won't show any devices under bluetooth. But while on linux mint, bluetooth works and connects to other devices.