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  1. Yeah after looking up pictures of both displays online it seems like these just might be the edges of the displays and I just never noticed. Much ado about nothing I suppose.
  2. I have a Lenovo L27q-30 and a Gigabyte G27Q, and they both have these weird black bars at the sides/top of my displays. I don't think they're quite the same size on both monitors, either - I think the Lenovo has slightly larger borders. I feel like they weren't there before, but maybe they were and I just only noticed it now. Things I have tried: - Shutting off the PC and the monitors for like 10 mins: did nothing - Going into WIndows display settings: I changed them to 1920x1080 then back to 2560x1440, black bars are still there - Going into NVidia Control Panel
  3. Yeah my bios and drivers (at least for the GPU) are up to date for sure. Is there some reason that reseating components like RAM would change how my GPU works?
  4. I have an EVGA 1650 which I bought to step up to a 3070. I don't play many graphically intensive games, so I was in no rush to upgrade and just needed something to put in the new build. When set at a decent speed (35%+), the fans spin at the same constant speed, but are pretty audible (the rest of my build is near-silent and stays at around 40-50 degrees). However, whenever I try to lower the curve any more than 35%, the fans do some weird behavior. They spin up (which is pretty loud), then the motor stops for a few seconds and the fans start to slow down, before the mo
  5. So simple question. I have this kit which is rated to run at 3200 MHz. From what I've heard, it's Micron E-die and should be able to overclock to 3600 if I loosen the timings? (not positive, I'll read up on it when my system is closer to finished being put together). So basically, here's my question. I've heard that the Infinity Fabric really likes a 1:1 ram speed:CPU speed ratio, and also that the Zen 3 chips run at 1900 MHz. So ideally, I think, you'd want 3800 MHz RAM. So how do I get the most performance out of my PC? Do I lower the CPU clock to 1800 to match the ov
  6. Actually managed to pick up a 5600X on launch day and it's currently sitting in my closet.
  7. My first PC is coming together, just a few more parts to pick up - specifically case, CPU cooler, GPU, and monitor. I plan on picking up every except the GPU during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. What should I do while I wait for a GTX 30-series or RX 6000 to become buyable? Do I get an EVGA card and use step-up? Get a different GPU and try to return it later once I get the replacement? Get a $200 option and return/resell it? I've been using my laptop which has 970 in it. I also have access to a 750Ti in an old machine. So I wouldn't want to buy a ca
  8. Step 1: install NVME SSD Step 2: get in to Windows, make sure your SSD is formatted to store data. Step 3: only use your NVME drive. If you want to set it up to be used automatically, that's not too hard. Here are some guides: changing default install location, changing default download location.
  9. Yeah that's what I was thinking, but again, first PC so better safe than sorry.
  10. I'm slow-building my first PC, and I plan on getting an Nvidia 3000-series or Radeon 6000, depending on which I get my hands on first. From what I've seen, these cards are absolute chonkers, so I want to forego any potential sagging. As far as I've seen, there are two different styles of supports. Screw-ons: https://www.amazon.com/CloverTale-Aerospace-Upgraded-Version-Black/dp/B077LGLN4G/ Stands: https://www.amazon.com/YATENG-Graphics-Anodized-Aerospace-Aluminum/dp/B07S7ZBB51/ Which would you recommend? My gut says the stands are better, but might cause