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  1. Gameplay with the RTX 3090, 3440x1400p, highest settings with DLSS On...
  2. Hey Intel, I have this serial number, will u rma the cpu??? No problems, we pick it up by DHL in Europe, bring it to the Netherlands and then we refuse since we opened the IHS and saw u relidded it. Ok... Hey Intel, same serial number, wanna rma in the USA, no problems, pick it up and bring it to our depot in USA, we check it and saw it has been relidded, don't send it again since we will seize it... Meanwhile, cpu is still under warranty in their webpage. That is my fault, of course... Kiddo, so u just put your avatars because of the rest of the people??? U mad bro, def
  3. Sanding is not relevant, what is relevant is a guy sending a cpu without a voltage regulator, spending time in extracting it without sense (not worth it, they say, maybe James has a lot of free time to do nonsenses, except for replying mails when the mails are mine), according to some of the arguments here, without asking for permission, that is the funny thing...
  4. Until their webpage says another thing, it is under warranty. It is Intel fault. But going into the facts, alwaysfsx, what do u think about James, he did the right thing?
  5. That is something Intel has to check. Until then, my cpu is today under warranty, not my fault, but Intel's fault. Some scammers are very lucky, a lot of lawyers for free, who knows why... He even comes to tell his version, which says it all...
  6. As I said, u twist so much facts that u are putting the world upside down. I killed my cpu, u say, ok, it is under warranty even today, I open RMA's because Intel says it is under coverage in their own webpage, and the cpu is legit and is, above all, mine, because I paid 2000 euros for it. Do u understand that??? U don't want, it seems. The very Intel didn't say fraud, u can say 1000 times a lie, it won't turn into truth, embarrasing. Second, this guy offered himself to rma the cpu and then surprisingly to fix it for free. That is not my problem, he assumed a task he di
  7. Insisting on the same is a bit tricky. Intel can't say it is a fraud since they have the cpu on warranty right now on their webpage, check it please, there's the image with serials. They will reject it, but this is not a fraud. Gonna put an example: https://community.hwbot.org/topic/49307-just-intel/ Yep, these guys on HWBot, they never overclock their cpus to the limit, and we all know Intel accepts RMA's when the cpu's are overclocked, without a tuning plan... This is a joke!!! U can send a CPU as many times as u want, being legit and Intel accepting the R
  8. James has replied to my mail today, what has been a surprise for me... According to him, the cpu is not working and he is sending the cpu back to me... Once the cpu is here, I will report back...
  9. Can 6800 XT run Crysis Remastered??? https://youtu.be/OR6aJ0pnG08
  10. Here it goes: U can find more videos at 3440x1440p, and more coming!!!
  11. El defensor del pueblo en España no está para estas estafillas de poca monta. Simplemente comentaba al hilo de lo que me decían del defensor del pueblo en otros estados. Aquí se puede denunciar como estafa, con el único inconveniente de que es un tema internacional y me parece dudoso que en el Juzgado se maten mucho dada la escasa importancia del tema, sobre todo con lo atascados que están. Sinceramente estoy escribiendo en los foros para hacer ver que este tío es un estafador de poca monta, se merece un poco de publicidad negativa por caer tan bajo... En cuanto a esta
  12. Would be nice the other part came here to tell his version. Only truth is what I am saying here, not hiding anything, sent the processor to try a new RMA in USA instead of Europe, Intel denied it because it had been delidded and probably they checked it was the same processor rma'd in Europe, yet they accepted the RMA and sent the unit to their depot in USA (the cpu still appears in their web as under warranty by serial number), then James offered himself to try to repair the unit, ordering parts, no charge as u can see in his emails (and that is not my problem, it is his) and no
  13. I had it delidded with direct die and the temps did increase a lot for what I was used to. U can rma a cpu because of temperatures, not unusual.
  14. Sue him in USA, a bit pricey even being a 2000 dollars cpu... Or maybe I can go and visit him personally...