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  1. I don't have another gpu to try or I would have by now. Would the GPU only fail under the additional strain of the streaming? Because that is the only time I have any problems what so ever, and I've played Warzone for like 36 hours straight to see if it would crash from long periods of gaming and nothing.
  2. I've installed windows within the last month, maybe three weeks and the problem still persists. And yes, I have. Ran another one just now, this is the results.
  3. BSOD while streaming only - Troubleshooting - Linus Tech Tips updated post with all rules met? I think.
  4. I'm going to start with posting a benchmark of my computer so the base line components are known. I'm replacing the OLOy Ram with 2x16gb 3600mhz Trident Z Ram whenever they come in. [UserBenchmarks: Game 99%, Desk 92%, Work 93%](https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/36105730) ||Model|Bench :----|:----|:----| **CPU**|[AMD Ryzen 5 3600X](https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/AMD-Ryzen-5-3600X/Rating/4041)|88.2% **GPU**|[Nvidia RTX 2070](https://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Nvidia-RTX-2070/Rating/4029)|108.4% **SSD**|[WDC WDS500G2B0A-00SM50 500GB](https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/SpeedTe
  5. I am also a lazy POS and didn't read the Rules, I'm sorry. Updated post with required information including dump files. Thank you anyone for looking and thank you for your time.
  6. Upon looking into my device manager, I thought maybe these were normal, but my friend had said something along the lines of he doesn't have this many "repeats" in his device manager, I do not have five keyboard or five mice... would this be causing any issues? Also, thought I could maybe ask, if I were to get a stream box - that would eliminate the fact that my main rig has to push the streaming software and could potentially help me find my issue - if the box crashes, then it would just leave a dirty power source or software issues as I would just use the second PC for streaming s
  7. I haven't as I don't have another one laying around I don't believe. Is there anyway I could test them to see?
  8. Local pc doc doesn't have a CPU, but offered to give me a discount on a "streambox" with a 4th gen i7 4790 at a discount due to him suggesting and tuning my pc and nothing helping.
  9. I've tried SLobs and OBS. Both of them crash.
  10. I downloaded BSOD Viewer, and this is the errors that I am getting whenever I'm crashing. Same issue from same driver, just different parameters on 3 and 4.
  11. Did both of these, still crashing. Same issues as before, only while streaming. Ran my first stream on SLobs, about two hours and thirty minutes, and it crashed. Ran second stream on OBS and it crashed as well. Anyone else have any other suggestions before I just yeet myself and my computer off of a cliff?
  12. AMD High Performance Mode? I just went into DM and turned everything that had turn off device off. I'll check in my bios rn for power saving features.
  13. See above comment for results of test stream tonight.
  14. Tried that tonight, see above comment for results.
  15. Test stream failed, less than three minutes in and same results. I am posting everything I got from event viewer on this topic. I'm going to be doing some googling and searching, but posting here just incase anyone sees something I don't. Any help greatly appreciated still. I'm lost. Leaning towards motherboard if its a parts issue at this point.