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  1. I know this seems dumb, but if you are into games like minecraft, maybe a minecraft server?
  2. So I was thinking on what sata ssd to get for my laptop, when i thought: "Does any manufacturer sell a sata ssd with a single usb c port on the ssd so you can backup your current c:/ drive to it thorugh the usb c, then plug the usb c cable out and slap the ssd in the laptop itself?" It would be quite cool to be able to do that, even if it may seem stupid. Thanks, me
  3. Hi, I was reading an article, when I realised that the man said that you could overlock a 1.8ghz core 2 duo to 3ghz and beyond. Is this actually true? I have this old Sony vaio vgn cr290 aptop with an intel core 2 duo t7500 and hoping i could overclock it. Thanks, me
  4. I guess I will just but the intel core 2 duo T7800, since it has 800mhz bus frequency.
  5. Hi, I have this old VAIO VGN CR290 laptop with a replaceable mobile cpu. The current cpu is intel core 2 duo mobile T7500 and I have my eyes set on a Intel core 2 duo T9900. I will paste the links. They seem to be quite similar. T7500=https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/29761/intel-core-2-duo-processor-t7500-4m-cache-2-20-ghz-800-mhz-fsb.html T9900=https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/39312/intel-core-2-duo-processor-t9900-6m-cache-3-06-ghz-1066-mhz-fsb.html The only thing I find that maybe the problem is this ‘PBGA479’ and ‘PGA479’. also, t
  6. So i have this old 2007 sony vaio vgn cr290 laptop with 3 gb ram, Intel core 2 duo T7500. After turining it on and not realy doing much on it, the laptop will start to reach very high temperatures within 20-30 mins. I opened it up and saw the horredously dry thermal paste and hope that someone will be abale to reccommend a decent thermal paste. Other wise the laptop is unnaturally decently fast with windows 10 (idk why) and the experience is pretty niche. Thanks, Displayport4life.
  7. yes, i think they are budget cards,especially the rtx 3050
  8. i actually have a gtx 1650 super I use 1080p on minecraft and its quite good
  9. Oh, I just realised that there will be new 30 series cards coming out and the 3050, 3060, 3050 ti will be coming out. They seem to be some good budget cards and may appear in January 2021. Wait and see.
  10. Lenovo has been confirming support for newer 30 series cards before they are released on many different products. For example, this ideacentre g5 desktop seems to have support for an RTX 3050 4gb. I have read other articles and nvidia may release these cards in January 2021. Sources: lenovo psref (image) Videocardz for quotes (I am new to this whole tech news thing, people who had commented on my post relating to this topic asked me to write this is tech news) thanks, A person who has only posted 8 times on this forum.
  11. Wow that’s a lot I didn’t expect for me who only posted 8 times!
  12. My desktop says it can be upgraded to a RTX 3050 4gb. As far as I know, this gpu is not released and my pc also says it can support an RTX 2060 6gb CD. I have attached an image and please can u help me compare and choose which one will be better in the future. Thanks, me
  13. i recently bought a lenovo desktop and deicded to open and see iside. It had a x16 slot that was being used by a gtx 1650 super, but nothing else? The desktop had 4 of those little pcie covers on it but there were no pcie slots on the inside! Please help me. Thanks, me. (actually, when i come to think of it, the gpu migt be covering some of the slots )