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  1. I started it up again today, and the same problem happened as before. Maybe it can have something to do with the bearing not being lubed enough for it to start turning or something? Although i find that weird as ive only had the pc for about 6 months.
  2. Ok so my bios settings are basically exactly the same as yours, just ur colors are slightly different. I started it with the full fan speed, but it didnt stop my fan, and then i set it back to normal and started it from shutdown and it seemed to work normally. So idk if this only happens after the pc has been off for a while, or if it just fixed itself. Ill keep you updated on if it happens again.
  3. Uhh so apparently fan stop was already disabled (i checked for both of the fans, and the cpu fan). Tried changing it to on and then off again, but it didn't change anything. So i rly don't know what could be the problem.
  4. Ohh, thanks! I also have gigabyte so it should be similar.
  5. No problem, but I think u might have a point now that i have researched a bit. I found this image, and sys_fan2 (smart fan 5) is supposed to have a fan stop (which is where the fan is plugged in) https://c1.neweggimages.com/ProductImageCompressAll1280/13-145-210-V06.jpg So should i just let it be? or can i change this somewhere in bios settings?
  6. Im not sure what i would set the fan curve to tho, im not that good with fan curves. The weird thing is this only happens with the front fan. The rear fan starts up fine. So i might try what phindawg suggested.
  7. Not sure how I am supposed to put the fans under load under the startup. But im guessing you mean that i should put them under load after the pc has booted up. Also i have the masterbox nr400, which comes with 2 fans, and has really good airflow at least from what ive seen on gamers nexus. But thank you for the help, ill try booting up a game and see if that gets it to spin.
  8. So I'm having this weird issue. For some reason, my pc fan stops spinning (which isn't the issue since my other one does that too), but then is unable to start spinning again. This only happens when I boot up my pc after I shut it down through windows, and not after restarting or waking the pc up from sleep. That's why I find this issue so weird because I don't think it has to do with the fan not having enough power (because it can obviously start from startup and sleep), so I'm really not sure how to fix it. I always have to manually open the glass panel and nudge the fan for it to start s
  9. Yo, i noticed this hasnt been updated in a while, i have the same question. Did you pick them up, and if so, how good were they for gaming? I will most likely use them wired, so latency isnt rly an issue.