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  1. he would me mostly in chrome....and not touch anything away from it....so i need a stable OS so better raspberry pi os or ubuntu , what do you say? i think we should start a new thread , dziscussing "which OS is suitable for old people without much computer knowledge"
  2. better to stick with raspberrian ,but i will experiment it for sure
  3. really! any mention of it please ,like build name or link to it
  4. nice idea ! also its neat and comes under 100$ in india too!
  5. nice idea dude.....i was also thinking of buying raspberry pi 4 .....this would be good! how much is this thing? 100$?
  6. what about kubuntu.....i think it is more windows like OS...
  7. haha...some sterotypes playing here but my grandpa isnt in the computer field and ik some linux, so i will set it up for him
  8. i think its better to get a kubuntu or mint in it , windows is vulnerable
  9. yep i have done those too......thats why a linux or chrome os would be better
  10. i am probably going to install cloudready on it, no np
  11. worst thing is chromebooks in india costs like something, hp has the cheapest and its 26k rs = 350$ . i have some SSDs lying around with me so that i will swap that hdd for my ssd.