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  1. I'm not spending a $1000 on something that I have managed to fix before. I forgot how I managed to fix it, thought someone else would know but you all don't and would rather recommend the most expensive method.
  2. Well you also didn't really even answer my question.
  3. I had my 3.5" hard drive in an external hub device and knocked it over and the drive fell on the ground. Windows can't read it, what can I do to try to make it read?
  4. Probably because people dont understand the problem in the first place
  5. My graphics card likes to sit at around 60c
  6. Why is my fps low if my cpu and graphics card aren't evening being utilized that much according to task manager?
  7. With 2 xeon x5650 cpus and a radeon r7 370, what would be the bottleneck?
  8. How do I disable the use of the windows key and any other inputs that could get around the login system?
  9. from tkinter import * import subprocess import sys import keyboard root = Tk() root.title("My Login") root.geometry("650x650") root.attributes('-fullscreen', True) frame = Frame(root) app = Frame(root) app.grid l = Label(root, text = "Login",font="Times 30", padx=5, pady=5) l.grid() l1 = Label(root, text = "Username:",font="Times 30", padx=5, pady=5) l1.grid() l2 = Label(root, text = "Password:", font="Times 30", padx=5, pady=5) l2.grid() user = Entry(root) user.grid( row= 1, column= 2) user.configure(font = ("Courier", 44)) code = Entry(root) code.grid( row= 2, column= 2) code.confi
  10. All it does is disables the enter function.
  11. if keyboard.is_pressed('enter'): enter() def enter(): if user.get() == admin and code.get() == password: sys.exit() else: l3 = Label(root, text = "check login", font=("Courier", 22)) l3.grid() Every time I hit enter on the keyboard nothing happens, it doesn't execute the code.
  12. How do I disable windows login system so it just boot straight into windows that way I can put the login system I made onto it?
  13. If that's the case is there a py to exe program that won't trigger windows defender?
  14. So, I made a python file and turned it into a exe file and uploaded it to github but every time I download it, it don't have publisher information and windows defender keeps thinking its a virus when its not. How do I give it publisher information and stop it from triggering windows defender.
  15. When I connect my pc to my tv, it has the 60hz capability but for whatever reason when I put it at 60hz the screen gets to large.
  16. For whatever reason I can no longer get a full screen at 60hz, when I used to.
  17. I watched people with the same cpu but a lower end graphics card play this and some how they are able to gain 40 fps while I'm only gaining 13 fps with a higher end graphics card.
  18. Could be dust and I haven't reapplied thermal paste since I got the computer, so good chance the paste needs changed. But I have only had the computer around a year.
  19. You do realize the minimum cpu requirement for the game is an i5-2400s and any site that I go to say that my cpu is better than it
  20. I pass the minimum requirements for AC Syndicate, had to turn on vsync due to screen tearing but for whatever reason I have low fps. Any site that I go to say I pass the minimum specs but I still manage to get a high of 13 fps. My main specs for my pc are an i7 860, r7 370 and 16 GB of ram. Also this low fps is on low settings. How do I get the fps up?
  21. I have never had a single issue transferring hard drives between computers they have always worked, I have tried transfer my SSD between two computers and it didn't work.
  22. Why do SSDs have to work so different than hard drives?