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  1. Whenever this happens sometimes it doesn't crash my pc and the game just crashes but my display turns off and on
  2. Last time i posted a topic like this one but for live kernel event 115 but now whenever i play cold war my pc crashes hours in or even minutes in like last time but i got a different error code this time live kernel event 117 the game when it crashes doesn’t actually tell me this i look in the windows event viewer but what can be the problem and how can i test my pc to find the problem?
  3. when I turn my pc on sometimes the monitor turns off and on but the power for it is still on
  4. So i was playing the new call of duty and all the sudden my game crashes my screen turned black and i was wearing head phones and i heard like an error noise and nothing was happening so i turned off my pc please help
  5. I think its making a noise while idle at the windows screen
  6. Do i just go to their support page and contact them
  7. I was playing Black ops cold war and for some reason in this game i always get crashes but i think its just because the game is new but now when i got this crash i dont think it was the game its said we detected a diver timeout has occurred on your system any ideas
  8. this card is new and it is only when gaming and i set my fan speeds higher so it can have better cooling
  9. I was not sure if this was my pump for my rad or not but i think its coil whine because when i am playing a game like call of duty whenever i look around it make this noise but when i look at wall in the game the noise goes away. IMG_1251.MP4
  10. What will happen if i dont get the air out