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  1. It does seem like alot easier Linus said it himself...
  2. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210428005808/en/The-Walt-Disney-Company-Uses-AWS-to-Support-the-Global-Expansion-of-Disney they do... I'm just saying that alot of big players use AWS. It does not seem like they see amazon wanting a piece of their marketshare in whatever market they are in, as a sufficient reason not to use AWS EDIT: Netflix also does, haven't checked for YT but yeah...
  3. Sorry but doesn't like half the WEB run on AWS? From airBNB to tinder to zynga all AWS
  4. Just curious. Why are they avoiding AWS? for reference :
  5. I don't know if you could call chia a major coin. It's been live for less than a month and it's market cap is on the level of polkadot.
  6. I think he never bought any he only mines and to an extreme degree games on mining hardware.
  7. It's crashing even harder bitcoin is at -30% ETH at -40%. The second hand market is gonna get flooded with GPU'S
  8. Crypto is crashing Ether crashed almost 40% in one day!!! Every major coin is in the double digit losses
  9. Do pre-builts still ship bloatware on their HDD/SSD's?
  10. Thats true I didn't think of the PSU or Ram. It's quite a hassle to ask the store employee everytime if I can open the PC to check those components. Why they even use those crappy cheap PSU's anyway? I know they are cheap but they are called crappy for a reason right?
  11. 2 questions. 1. If I found a discount on a pre-built pc at some retailer, that would make it just as expensive as buying the DIY parts. Should I do it? From what I read on here pre-builts absolutely suck! From thermal paste problems to damaged components. With DIY you know how well it was built as you did it yourself. 2. How much % would you be willing to pay more for pre-built/DIY vs the other. EDIT: Obviously I'm fine with the specs of the pre-built or I wouldn't even cnsider it!
  12. In those videos of the intel extreme makeover where LTT staff each gets 5k to spend on a home makeover, linus often discovers that they use Office equipment like gaming monitors and stuff without his knowledge for personal use at home and says stuff like "did you steal it from the office? Yeah you did, the LTT logo is still on it!". Is this just staged or is it really that in Canada people use company stuff for personal use. In my country this would be illegal because you as a company don't pay VAT so everything is cheaper for you as company than your average joe. So it is not allowed to use c
  13. What are the most anticipated game releases for the remainder of 2021? PLZ no half-life 4 memes
  14. see post above;;; If I liked fame I'd sure show you
  15. Meh I don't like to be famous. Getting approached by strangers all the time sucks
  16. lol, did you actually read any of the links you gave me? The quora top answer literally says what I have been saying. Here is a quote for you if you are too lazy to read your own links. This one is from QUora top answer.
  17. Okay, Show me one that really tried but failed? It's hard to fail if you really try.
  18. I don't care about that surface level stuff. I want the details
  19. So you are saying I have to wait till Linus croaks for the WIKI to happen??? ARe you guys CRAZY?
  20. 2bhonest LTT's tech coverage is second rate at best. It's more entertainment anyway.
  21. There are a ton of youtubers, no?
  22. Hey, did you ever read a biography? No? what's trhe difference
  23. Any statistics to backup your claims or are you just pushing your opinion on others?
  24. It's not like he doen't put that info out there expecting that nobody wants to hear it -_-
  25. I'm shocked by the lack of interest. Where have all the good Linus fans gone