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  1. You should save up a bit more to get a good RGB power supply from the likes of corsair.
  2. I see so in terms of power saving/battery life gain LPDDR5 won't be anything to look out for. Thanks for the info
  3. sorry you are right my mistake LPddr4X is 0.6V, yet LPDDR5 is 1.05V?? Seriously I find conflicting info on the web.
  4. Haha thanks for still answering. 30 mins is quite substantial.
  5. Hey guys, I just wanted to ask how much of an effect on battery life LPDDR5 would have on laptops more specific macbooks. If i remember correctly it said the voltage needed for LPddr5 will be 1.05V instead of 0.6V for LPddr4X so more power consumption. But how much battery life exactly would that give us less vs same amount of ram but LPDDR4X? let's assume that macbook air M1 has a battery life of 15 hours will it be 16 hours if all else stays the same? Also LPDDR5 minimum size will be 12GB so will apple be forced to make 12 gigs minimum? If yes that's quite a cost saving the
  6. What are you taling about didn't he already jeopardize many business partnerships for his values?
  7. What if he made a deal to only talk about the positive aspects of the product and release a full review with the pro's and cons a week later? Still faster than what we have now to get a full review.
  8. What can LMG do to get early access to Apple products without compromising it's "values"? What Apple does should be illegal. Only people that will speak good of it get early access. We all know that the sentiment of those first reviews are what makes consumers pull the trigger on a purchase. Way more than a review a couple of weeks later. There gotta be a legal or atleast diplomatic way for Linus to get his hands on early access. PLZ LMG just give Cook a call and sort this out it's been 2 2 weeks and you guys still have no review for those new macs
  9. I am in a first world west-european country and the used market absolutely sucks. New stuff is cheaper on amazon than the ask price for used. People here are selling PC's with DDR ram (the original DDR) for over 100 $ as good gaming pc's
  10. I said only NVIDIA and apple. Nvidia is for the dedicated GPU stuff. And intel and Amd do not make RAM. Just wanted to point the out.
  11. What about soldered ram? What about soldered storage? What about introducing hardware locks so you can't even change the display of your iphone anymore?
  12. So I should not hate a company that shoves soldered ram,storage, locked down everything can repair nothing down our throats? It's a fact that everyhting Apple does gets copied by the Majority of the other players in the market. So yeah fuck them