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  1. Guys I'm 38, also you are exaggerating what I said. I personally think that you are probably less mature and less informed about how to run a biz than me, anime girl avatar user.
  2. However that doesnt explain why Linus said that he is getting hate from " both sides". Which I assume that with both sides he means fans and haters of that twitch guy. Why would his fans start to complain?
  3. So from what I get the twitch streamer is a lefty and he is getting hate from right wing extremists, right?
  4. So they mentioned a collab with some twitch streamer I never heard of and that they were getting massive hate from all sides can someone elaborate?
  5. I have no idea what this means but if it is meant as something bad then i'll reply to you with "you can go male yourself".
  6. Thanks for the chart. Very informative.
  7. I don't think so. Luke like literally lived in the warehouse and he isn't that high on the food chain.
  8. Is Nick one of the early investors in LMG? How did he get that high of a position without being a relative?
  9. Linus mentioned Nick during the WAN show. I've seen him before and know his function is pretty high. But I thought Linus was the boss of LMG. So how does he have the final say on Video projects like The TRUMP PC? Also, Is Nick one of the early investors in LMG? How did he get that high of a position without being a relative?
  10. Can you tell me about your expiriences you had with those bad friends? Do those people get ridiculous or stay within reason?
  11. C'mon there gotta be another way. How else can you convert someone to linux or DIY-PC if they are afraid of messing it up.
  12. In general when I want to help someone with building a pc, doing a repair or convincing them to try out linux, people seems to expect that I give them a lifetime of tech support for the product/service even though I never asked them money for it. I am certain I'm not the only one with this problem as I've heard it a few times on this forum. So did anyone figure out how to help someone but not become their tech support slave or stressing your relationship with them?
  13. Stuff like slave labor and e-waste doesn't bother you at all?