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  1. Okay, thanks for the reassurance guys. I'm really hoping it'll be just fine tomorrow because if not, I probably voided the warranty and can't afford to buy a new one for another month or so lol.....
  2. So I got a new computer and it wasn't posting. I had a repair guy come and try to troubleshoot and he couldn't figure it out at all. He was using his heatsink when he came and packed it up when he left. After he left I tried a couple more things to see if I could get it to post forgetting to put my heatsink back onto it. I probably turned it on 4 times for about 20-30 seconds each and then unplugged it. One of my friends mentioned that my motherboard probably needs to be updated to use the ryzen 5800x, so I contacted my motherboard support (gigabyte x570 aorus wifi pro) and they sa