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  1. I care more about quality than performance, so I tend towards server components, like Xeon boards/CPUs, ECC RAM, enterprise drives, RAID 1 for OS volumes, etc. Though I just bought a prebuilt that has none of those things because these days I just don't have the energy to build a PC.
  2. Yeah I'm not knocking them for not going all out on top of the line servers or anything; it's that cable management and critical business equipment plugged into dollar store surge protectors that keeps me up at night (yes, I'm aware the whole point of the videos was to fix stuff like that)
  3. As a sysadmin, the video series where they redid their server room (well, closet) gave me a nightmare.
  4. 2020 was a great year. I had to stay inside more than I wanted, but I didn't get hacked to death in Rwanda, didn't get shipped off to fight in Vietnam, didn't get purged by Mao, wasn't starved to death during the siege of Leningrad, wasn't thrown into a death camp by the Nazis, wasn't tortured by the Soviets for picking up the grain left behind after the harvest to feed my family, and I wasn't getting shelled at Verdun only to die of Spanish flu contracted in a dismal trench on the Western front. I'll take it.
  5. My guess is the VM has high steal time if there's another VM hammering the CPU. Also, some servers with redundant PSUs will downclock the CPU if a PSU has failed. Sometimes reseating the troublesome PSU can fix that. May not be applicable here depending on the hardware.
  6. I was just playing with Seamonkey this morning. It's a nice browser, and it's what I wish Firefox still was. If I didn't need specific extensions for work, I'd consider using it full time.
  7. There are bots that scan the internet looking for devices with port 22 open and attempt to brute force SSH logins. If you have a long and complex password or have disabled password authentication and are using public key authentication only, this is not of huge concern. Some people set SSH to listen on a non-standard port so that these automated attacks don't occur. The security benefit here is just that automatic dumb attacks won't hit your server. Anyone who does a port scan will see the port open and can quickly figure out that it's running SSH. But it keeps your logs clean of failed login
  8. I use Firefox, but I don't really like it; it's just the least bad of a lot of bad options. I'd love to see a stable, lightweight, and capable browser engine. Not just rebranded Chromium or Firefox, and not something horrible like Webkit. If Netsurf's JS support was fully functional, I'd switch to that immediately.
  9. I would run ssh on the server and enable port forwarding in the gateway to forward port 22 to port 22 on the server's RFC1918 address.
  10. I know, and don't consider this a good thing. I like static sites better. I don't like the bloated javascript nightmares the modern web has become, or the fact that Firefox has to eat 3 GB of RAM just to display a basic text page.
  11. This is great news. Not sure why anyone is getting nostalgic about Flash. That's like being nostalgic about gangrene. Flash was quite possibly the worst software ever written and should have been killed off decades ago. It was a remote code execution exploit factory like nothing else.
  12. Might as well define "no Internet" too Do you mean it has no networking at all and simply runs on its own? Do you mean this server is running on your LAN with no connection to the outside world? Do you mean it is running remotely and with a network connection, but you want out of band access (e.g, IPMI) in case it loses that network connection?
  13. Try pulling all the DIMMs except one and see if it works. If yes, keep doing that until you can find the bad one. If they are all fine, then try booting with a single DIMM in a different DIMM slot to rule out a slot going bad.
  14. IIRC TSMC was either looking into or already finalized plans to open a fab plant in Arizona. That's a start, but not enough.