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  • Birthday April 18

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    United States Of America
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    None,photography,student, fromer junior volunteer firefighter.


  • CPU
    i5 4690k
  • Motherboard
    Asrock b85m-itx (looking for a Z type motherboard)
  • RAM
    8gb unknown brand
  • GPU
    Shappire nitro+ 480
  • Case
    Corsair 275R Airflow
  • Storage
    Samsung evo 860 500gb.
    Seagate backup plus 1tb.
    Damaged 500 gb Seagate barracuda. (Being worked on)
  • PSU
    Corsair Cx650f Rgb
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. Theres a antec phantom psu 500w. 2 sealed in box gtx cards 630 i think. never opened! Hell of alot more all free to me or being scrapped Battle axe mother boards everywhere. Drr Drr2 Drr3 Pentium ii's First aio. Butter fly cpu cooler. In box intel processors. In box graphics cards. And more.
  2. I gotta get pictures. I thought i might hit the forum because i don't want any artifacts to go to waste
  3. He also has drr and drr2 which my young eyes have never seen
  4. Already saw some of his psus that are like 500 usd these days think it was a antec stealth with a black heatsink around it? Everything is in original packaging so its worth a bit but he has to get rid of some.
  5. What would it look like? He did say something about a Pentium that was on the era of being socket and being soldiered in but it was like a graphics card today with a fan?
  6. So i found out that my neighbor is moving aswell and he offered to let me help him look through his basement well at first look/question he told me he had some intel Pentium 3's and alot more older computer hardware CRT monitors ect all in mint condition. Is there anything I should keep my eye out for? I'll try to get pictures soon. Time to learn about computers. Just from the basic look he's an IT guy has servers everywhere.
  7. You can also customize the fan curve with msi after burner if it overheats. Cough i got a 480 nitro+.
  8. Heard back from thermal grizzly they said you can use the code multiple times because its a way to track if the code was used more than once.
  9. Flash was on whoops 20210120_122426.mp4 20210120_123343.mp4
  10. Its a refresh at 4ghz problem? It was free to me so....