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  1. CPU: i-9 10-850k RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ram dual channel GPU: asus tuf rtx 24gb 3090 data storage: SSD drives internet speed: ping 13, download speed: 200+mb as for settings, I already talked about settings
  2. I'm hoping if I leave this post here I might learn something. I'm not complaining, just exploring a technical issue regarding a video game called Decentraland. I have such a huge lag problem that I've nicknamed it Lagcentraland haha. But I only experience serious FPS drops whenever I'm walking into a new area or teleporting into a new area. The FPS drops to the point to where it's zero frames per second, and then after half a minute, the FPS goes back to being smooth. I ruled out this being a graphics settings issue, browser issue, and ad blocker issue by running it on google chro
  3. yeah, that's the video. Ok. I didn't know what those devices were called. after googling it I found I can either get a drawing tablet, or get an ipad with a drawing tablet app. thanks!
  4. I was watching a youtube video about "what is crypto staking" and noticed something very unusual about how the guy in the video is performing his visual presentation. At first glance, it looks like he's using the paint program that comes standard with any Windows OS and just using keyboard and mouse to draw. But when I pay attention, he's not using the paint program, and he's not using a keyboard and mouse. He's using something that 'looks' like a pen and drawing on a device that I can't see. I have to use a 7 foot chalkboard I attached to the wall in my b
  5. Interesting update to this issue: as I was exploring the TV settings I looked at my aspect ratio settings and found a "just scan" section where I had three options: on, off or auto. It was on the off setting. As soon as I put it on auto, I got my entire start bar back. Not sure why this solved the problem but I'm just glad it's solved.
  6. Thanks, I had a feeling it was something like that. Am I correct to understand then that after a day or so when I boot up my PC and TV/monitor that I'll see the whole start bar again?
  7. I have a 65inch LGCX TV that I use as a PC monitor. If you seen me say 55inch in other post that's my bad, it was a typo. Anyway, I booted up my PC this morning to get some school work done(because I use my PC for both gaming and engineering school) and I have a setting on my start bar(or task bar, whatever it's called...it's the bar on the bottom of the screen with the start button lol). The setting is that I have that bar dissapear when I'm not using it. Anyway, when I brought my mouse down to the start bar to click on my brave icon so I can login to my school, I noticed that my
  8. no, I'm still in the "figuring out the shopping list and figuring out what my budget will be" phase of building my first mining rig. I wasn't aware of what you just mentioned. I just googled it to confirm. That sucks! lol. So what are ETH miners going to do when they can't mine ETH anymore? Will they just program their rigs to mine a different crypto currency? My honest reaction to what you said, lol :
  9. awesome, thanks! that just leads me to two questions then: 1. As for the portable monitor, do you mean this?------> https://www.amazon.com/Capacitive-Raspberry-4-800x480-Touchscreen-Portable/dp/B082F3K84X/ref=sr_1_10?dchild=1&keywords=usb+portable+monitor&qid=1617019609&sr=8-10 2. What should I should look for in GPUs when shopping for 5 extra ones? When it comes to shopping for extra GPUs to mine with, this is what I've learned so far: 1. Non-quadro GPUs get better hash rate per dollar than quadros 2. I should cal
  10. Ok, I finally decided to build my first mining rig, but to save as much money as possible, I'm cannibalizing parts from a gaming rig I'm not using anymore. These are the exact parts that I currently have to work with: Motherboard: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813144115?Item=N82E16813144115 CPU: https://www.newegg.com/core-i7-8th-gen-intel-core-i7-8700k/p/N82E16819117827?Item=N82E16819117827 CPU Cooler: https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16835352029?Item=N82E16835352029 M.2 Drive where my Operating System(Windows 10 pro 64bit) is stored: https://www.newegg.com/samsung-970
  11. Hello, I'm in the process of falling down the ole "how to build a mining rig" rabbit hole and I'm learning a lot via youtube and google, but there's a question I haven't been able to get answered: I were to build a mining rig, do I go for the traditional gaming GPUs or do I go for the quadro type GPUs and why?
  12. Here's another beginner question I have: I got an gaming PC that I don't use anymore that has an 1080ti GPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, and an i7-8700k. I also have an old laptop(can't remember the spec) that just collects duct in my closet. If I wanted to, could I install mining software in them, have them mine ETH 24/7, but they're both programmed to payout to the same ETH wallet. Is that basically how a mining farm works? I figured if I did that, then I will have built my first mining farm without spending any money except for a slightly higher electric bill next month.
  13. What are ya'all's opinion on this video? As I was looking up different ways to mine etherium, I discovered this video and I just finished following all the instructions in the video as an experiment to learn more about mining. The only direction I didn't follow is that instead of making a new wallet in the way the first part of the video said, I just used my ether wallet address that's in my account at coinbase.com: The 3090 that I'm using is the ASUS TUF RTX24GB version. And it looks like my average speed is 103.11 mh/s. Is that good or bad? Keep in mind, I have