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  1. to the mod, sorry about originally putting this post in general. for some reason I wasn't able to find the troubleshooting section of the forums on my phone but was able to find it later on my PC once I was able to get to windows.
  2. ok now i remember why i cant remember how i solved this cuz i just solved it again lol. i went into advanced mode, browsed around till i got lost, then hit the Esc key and BAM im in windows. The error message shouldnt be back for another month or so rofl
  3. Im had this issue a while ago but forgot how i solved it. now its back so im asking for help on how to deal with this. i have windows 10 on my pc and my CPU is liquid cooled so i dont have a CPU fan. when i boot up my PC i get the 'cpu fan speed error detected' message and only have the option to hit F1 to enter setup. if i hit F10 to save settings, the pc reboots and this problem starts all over again. i have to use my smart phone just to make this post lol. how do i fix this?
  4. I had this crazy, impractical and expensive idea. I'm curious if it's been invented yet, because you know how we humans like to create crazy, impractical and expensive things(#saturnV lol). Imagine, instead of spending 400 dollars on a 7 foot long, by 4 feet high chalk board, you took a 65 inch display, made it touch sensitive, and wrote a chalk board imulator program and practice math equations using your fingers instead of a piece of chalk or a dry eraser. Has this been done? Has this been invented yet? I can see this type of tool being useful for a lot of different
  5. I'm going to use Halo MCC for PC as an example for this post: I have my 'fire weapon' button programmed to my left mouse button and my melee attack programmed to my right mouse button. For a while now, my left clicker seems to be sticking. Like, I'll click once to fire one shot, and my weapon keeps firing. The only way to stop firing is to left click again and sometimes it takes a few tries. When it comes to my right clicker, sometimes I have to tap it a few times in order for me to actually swing my weapon at a target. I tested a backup mouse that I have and was able to eliminate
  6. CPU: i-9 10-850k RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ram dual channel GPU: asus tuf rtx 24gb 3090 data storage: SSD drives internet speed: ping 13, download speed: 200+mb as for settings, I already talked about settings
  7. I'm hoping if I leave this post here I might learn something. I'm not complaining, just exploring a technical issue regarding a video game called Decentraland. I have such a huge lag problem that I've nicknamed it Lagcentraland haha. But I only experience serious FPS drops whenever I'm walking into a new area or teleporting into a new area. The FPS drops to the point to where it's zero frames per second, and then after half a minute, the FPS goes back to being smooth. I ruled out this being a graphics settings issue, browser issue, and ad blocker issue by running it on google chro
  8. yeah, that's the video. Ok. I didn't know what those devices were called. after googling it I found I can either get a drawing tablet, or get an ipad with a drawing tablet app. thanks!
  9. I was watching a youtube video about "what is crypto staking" and noticed something very unusual about how the guy in the video is performing his visual presentation. At first glance, it looks like he's using the paint program that comes standard with any Windows OS and just using keyboard and mouse to draw. But when I pay attention, he's not using the paint program, and he's not using a keyboard and mouse. He's using something that 'looks' like a pen and drawing on a device that I can't see. I have to use a 7 foot chalkboard I attached to the wall in my b
  10. Interesting update to this issue: as I was exploring the TV settings I looked at my aspect ratio settings and found a "just scan" section where I had three options: on, off or auto. It was on the off setting. As soon as I put it on auto, I got my entire start bar back. Not sure why this solved the problem but I'm just glad it's solved.
  11. Thanks, I had a feeling it was something like that. Am I correct to understand then that after a day or so when I boot up my PC and TV/monitor that I'll see the whole start bar again?
  12. I have a 65inch LGCX TV that I use as a PC monitor. If you seen me say 55inch in other post that's my bad, it was a typo. Anyway, I booted up my PC this morning to get some school work done(because I use my PC for both gaming and engineering school) and I have a setting on my start bar(or task bar, whatever it's called...it's the bar on the bottom of the screen with the start button lol). The setting is that I have that bar dissapear when I'm not using it. Anyway, when I brought my mouse down to the start bar to click on my brave icon so I can login to my school, I noticed that my