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  1. I can play 1 game of roblox but after i leave that and go into another roblox game my game stutters and is really unstable and its not hardware because i got a rtx2060 and r5 3400g i also use a fps unlocker so i can go above the 60fps cap but as i said it works for only 1 game and then i have to restart my pc to play just 1 other game running smoothly
  2. I have no clue how to fix this problem but ive made sure all my drivers are up to date and that didnt work. I normally get around 150-300 fps constantly but recently im getting like 20-100 only when i move my mouse
  3. Oh yea all the files are there but like do i have to put them all on my desktop again?
  4. I recently got a 500gb ssd to add to my system and i am putting windows on it i disconnected my hdd with all my files on it while i was downloading windows onto my ssd via a usb flash drive and i was just wondering how do i put everything on my hdd back onto my pc now because it says there is about 450gb of 1tb used in my hdd so my files are still there but its just like i downloaded windows for the first time on a new pc please help thanks
  5. So what can i do then to get my pc to boot off windows on my ssd i deleted a lot of games so i can fit what i have in my hdd into my ssd now but it says itll take about 6 hours when i copy and paste it
  6. See i was going to do a fresh install but i cant since i left my usb flash drive 2 hours away from my house and now were in lockdown so i cant get it so can i not just move the windows folders in my hdd to the ssd then set the boot priority?
  7. Yup going to go do it now thanks guys for the help rlly appreciate
  8. Oh ok i think ill just do that then once i have the windows downloaded on the ssd do i just select it in the boot priority in the bios
  9. Do i not lose the files on the hdd then?or is it basically just installing windows on the ssd and thats it
  10. So how do i clone it and when ive booted up from the ssd can i move the stuff i dont need on the ssd onto the hdd after everything is done
  11. I recently bought a ssd and i have it in my pc but im not sure how to switch windows 10 to my ssd instead of my ssd do i change the boot priority or what?
  12. Ok thanks for the help bro appreciate it