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    Stinky capitalist country
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    Was born at a very young age, joined mafia at age 2 and have been living in confusion ever since.
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    Professional Procrastinator


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    Domestic horned sheep usually eaten for food
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    My closet usually because my house is small
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    My air conditioner
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    My ears are my preferred device
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  1. Demon Slayer? More like movie of the year

  2. I have been trying to avoid Godzilla VS King Kong spoilers until I watch it, but I accidentally read a reddit post saying who won ūüėē

    1. minibois


      We all know the real winners are the friends we made along the way.

      or something like that, I'm not an expert.

  3. This may in fact be false, because in his song "Two Phones" you can clearly hear that he thinks he needs two more, and because "Two Phones" was released 5 years ago, Kevin has most likely bought his two phones.

    Screenshot 2021-03-19 at 7.20.48 AM.png

  4. hA Letgomyleghoe clone, I just gave you a notification

    1. Letgomyleghoe.
    2. Triadow


      9 hours ago, Letgomyleghoe. said:


      hola only has one L

  5. Aight my brother did was eating with my laptop or something and now some of the keys stick down and don't work very well so how do I clean it so that the keys work well again?
  6. ayo how do I clean my  m e m b r a n e  keyboard that I bought for my  p r e b u i l t  PC? I was  e a t i n g  whilst playing  R o b l o x, and  s p i l l e d  my mountain dew and nacho cheeze doritos all over my keyboard.

    1. Triadow


      actually tho how do I clean my membrane keyboard i need help

    2. Letgomyleghoe.


      Well depends on what you actually got on the keyboard. If its just crumbs then an air compressor will suffice, but if you spilled mountain dew on it you probably have to take it apart and start scrubbing then letting it dry . This should probably be of some use to you https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Deeply-Clean-Your-Membrane-Keyboard/#:~:text=Step 1%3A Open Up Your,Detach top and buttom pieces.

  7. There is no bigger waste of time than teaching anybody born after 1990 about internet safety or knowing how to find reliable sources of information. It is so stupid and needs to stop.

    1. Tristerin


      I think it depends on the person.  Maybe its there is less depth to people anymore due to the way the world is, so any desire to see reality is to scary so better to plug ears and lalalalala?

    2. Windows7ge



      There is no bigger waste of time than teaching anybody born after 1990 about internet safety

      There's is no bigger waste of time than teaching my uncle in law that the guy with the Nigerian accent didn't remote into his desktop with the intention of fixing a problem that never existed.


      Meanwhile here I am, born in 94 and I've been security conscious ever since I first got into computers.


      or knowing how to find reliable sources of information. 

      I am a living contraction to this. I say bump that number up to 1995 at the minimum. Possibly even 2000.

    3. Triadow


      21 hours ago, DriftMan said:

      I think it's easier for them than to older generations, after all they were born around tech and instant inter-communication

      That may be true, but just because it's easier for them to teach it to younger people doesn't mean that it is necessary every year. I remember it was sooo boring to sit through, and after a year there was no point because they just taught the same curriculum every year.

  8. Life is like monopoly. You only win if you're rich and a property owner.

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    2. Moonzy


      Are ya winning son?!

    3. PlayStation 2

      PlayStation 2

      you just gotta be jewish

    4. Triadow


      6 hours ago, Letgomyleghoe said:

      hmmm I really don't think so.

      the definition of winning at life is different to everyone, and there's multiple ways people go about reaching their definition of "winning."

      for some it might be making a family, living in a decent suburban home, and being able to not worry about getting food on the table.
      for some it's living in a VW bus, and travelling all their life.
      for others it might be getting rich and owning property.

      there's no true way to measure "success" or "winning at life" as they mean different things to different people.

      How do I say this without sounding like a kid?   I t ' s  a  j o k e

  9. When your dad says he can't think of any jokes but then he remembers you

  10. I would make fun of you, but it's not nice to make fun of the mentally ill

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    2. Triadow


      I should have, that sounds like a channel the nerds on Linus Tech Tip Forums watch

    3. Letgomyleghoe.


      No only the nerds of the nerds watch him. Also nice biography.

      "Was born at a very young age, joined mafia at age 2 and have been living in confusion ever since."

    4. Triadow


      thanks, I studied poetry and writing for 300 years to write it.