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  1. Thanks for support,I completely understanded what u wanted to say
  2. I heard about PepperMint OS on web and decided to download it . I downloaded it, burned to a flash drive and when I booted from it it said me "Kernel is missing. Load it first "or smth like that. I have never did smth like this before so I don't know what to do. Who can help ?
  3. And I saw that some guys in Youtube use a patch for this GPU completely work. Im worried that my network adapter will not work. My network adapter is Intel Centrino Wireless N 2230. And my last question is, can I dual boot it with Windows 10?
  4. Then, which version will work fine? Please do not say me smth ugly as hell
  5. My laptop specs: Intel Pentium B960 2.2GHz 4Gb DDR3 1333MHz RAM Intel HD Graphics 2000 320GB WB BLUE HDD This is Fujitsu LifeBook AH512 My question is , can this laptop run hackintosh? Will I get too much lag or is this GPU even possible to run hackintosh?
  6. I installed Windows 8.1 Pro x64 to my Fujitsu LifeBook AH512 and Im facing with this problem. After installation of OS, everyone knows that installation drivers is important. So, I installed all drivers which took me about 20 mins to complete. I was watching process and when started installing a chipset driver or something like this(Im not sure) Windows Blue Screen showed up and rebooted. I opened Device Manager and saw this: This is only problem here. I installed other drivers manually and when running a driver update software like DriverHub, it shows some drivers. When I try insta
  7. Thanks for this answer. That was the answer that I was looking for!
  8. I have an old Fujitsu Liebook AH512 and I installed Windows 8.1 to it some days ago. I also upgraded RAm from 2 to 4. I really care so much about boot times and look this: Should I disable Fujitsu Tools? Like Battery Tool? Thanks for any replies
  9. My BIOS version is pretty old and I don't know how to do that, really
  10. I have an old PC with specs like: CPU: Pentium Dual-Core E5500 2.8GHz (totally unlocked and overclockable,tested) Motherboard: G41MT-S2 rev. 1.3 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 2x2GB, 1333MHz GPU: Intel G41 Express Chipset PSU: 300W When I open Task Manager and other programs that shows speed of RAM, it is only 400MHz. I runned a user-benchmark and faced with that: RAM- performing below than expected.Make sure XMP is enabled. I looked into BIOS and in my case XMP or DOCP doesn't exist. On my motherboard I have 2 RAM slots and it is marked as 1333 on motherboard. My motherboard i
  11. I used big PC screen until this day like 27'' or so. But today my monitor died and I ordered a new one from ebay. I live in Azerbaijan so it takes some months for ebay to complete it's way to Azerbaijan. So I should use my older monitor which one is only 17'' ! So, I plugged it into PC and boom. This monitor's maximum pixel count is 1360x768 ! And Windows 10 looks so big like i haven't experienced before. I tried to make UI smaller but Windows 10 lets only percentage between 100 and 500. I tried other ways like Custom resolution but my monitor was nearly to die and crashed down the gpu driver.
  12. I don't have any money left to do this while I live in Azerbaijan and Im just a student