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  1. According to Ryzen master though, the CPU speed is 0.9 - 1.2 ghz at idle, but the maximum is still 3.9ghz
  2. I adjusted the PPT to 78 in BIOS after hot temps and now my CPU is stuck at all cores 3.9ghz according to HWmonitor and task manager. Help
  3. Also I don't want to void the warranty so I don't think PBO is viable
  4. I didn't really understand anything so I just didn't touch anything there. I just noticed that the max voltage in BIOS was 1.5V and it was 0.93 here
  5. I'm having high temps for ryzen 5 3600 (95 degrees at all cores 3.9-4ghz). I read that undervolting will help. Can anyone help how to do this. I already went to ryzenmaster
  6. What do I do? As the cheapest cooler here retails for about USD 60
  7. Stock Cooler and Asus tuf b450 plus (friend had it and was upgrading to x570) @Analog
  8. I just built a new system (ryzen 5 3600; rtx 2070 super; corsair carbide 275r) and my CPU temps are 45 degrees at idle, but my CPU keeps jumping to 60 degrees and falling back slowly with no apparent change in clock speed. Also when I ran cinebench the CPU only went to 3.9-4ghz and stayed at 95 degrees the entire time My graphics card temps are 30-40 degrees at idle
  9. I found a really good deal on this board (about the same price as the asrock b450 pro4) and I wanted to know if it is good as the VRM tier list places it at 75A(Don't know what that means) I really like the aesthetic and can't find the pro version anywhere. I'm using a ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2070 super( Got it for free)