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  1. All of these are great but Im wondering about ram clearance I’m running trident z Neo and have 2 sticks in the second and fourth slot I might stick to the NH-U12s just so the cooler doesn’t cover the ram.
  2. Hi, I'm currently using the stock cooler for my 3700x and it is a decent cooler but runs hot and loud. The processor runs at about 4ghz at idle and I don't know if this is thermal throttling or not. when doing renders in blender the cooler gets very loud and is easily the loudest fan in the system. This is all in the lian li lancool 2 mesh so it shouldn't be lacking air flow. I'm looking at a few options right now and don't know what to get. I have a budget of around 100$ but would gladly spend under that. I've been looking at some of noctua's coolers and they are fine but are so close in pric
  3. They are 3 pin but I can control them in software.
  4. Okay thanks, Im assuming it would work with stock lian li fans?
  5. Hi Recently built a new PC and am using the stock cooler and fans. The fans are fine and I am planning on keeping them but the cooler runs a bit hot and loud. I am planning on using some Corsair fans (1-2) and one of their aios. I have the Aourus pro B550 which has 6 fan headers ( possibly 5 one might not be working.) and was wondering what fan controller to use if any. The more expensive Corsair cooler comes with one but will it work with the stock fans. If you have a solution to this I’d appreciate it. My PC: PCPartPicker Part List Type Ite
  6. Hi I’m building a PC today and was just wondering how to configure the case fans. My case comes with 3 stock fans and I want to move one to the back to have as an exhaust. Witch one should I move? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I would make sure that theirs no plastic or anything between the cpu and cooler. I don’t know much about AIOs but I’d make sure that the liquid is in good condition. You could also try contacting the manufacturer.
  8. You can get a used 2060 for about 250 I highly recommend this and it will save you about $100 to put into a better PSU and SSD’s.
  9. The o11 is a great case but it really is designed for water cooling, I am going with the Lancool 2 mesh and it’s supposedly really good. If you not going to go water cooling I’d recommend the mesh. But if you plan on water cooling I’d definitely recommend the dynamic.
  10. Hi I’m buying a new keyboard and am wondering if the Gateron yellows will work with the GMMK
  11. Hi I recently managed to get some gateron yellows but am wondering if they are compatible with the GMMK. Glorious (the manufacture of the keyboard) says it works with Gateron switches but the yellows are 5 pin. If it is not compatible I have herd that you can clip the switches but I don’t know how to do this. If you know the answer or know the solution I’d appreciate it.
  12. I’d recommend going with a used 2000 series GPU you get more performance with out too much risk. For SSD’s I’d recommend really anything you can find on sale.
  13. Honestly if you just care about preformace at that price point You could get one of the new gen consoles. If you want a competitive PC at this price then you’d have to buy used to get the most out of it.
  14. Here’s a parts list I made, in my opinion this would preform much better. If you don't want RGB then you could change the parts but I don't think that should be an issue. Areas you could lower the price in would be going from 64 to 32g of ram or changing the storage. PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7 GHz 12-Core Processor $549.00 CPU Cooler Corsair iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT 75 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler $13