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  1. Glad Linus finally made a video on this its good that its getting more coverage. Surprised he didn't mention that if you go into the core settings of most cores (at least in the PC version), you can change the rendered resolution and play games at native 4k. Not sure how the Xbox would handle it but on my PC I can run emulated games at 4k 60fps and its a huge difference.
  2. What causes OBS to use so much 3D? The only thing I can think of is the preview but you can turn that off.
  3. You should be able to prevent both of them from connecting to the internet if you don't want data to be sent. The problem with Android x86 is getting working opengl drivers for 3D applications if I remember correctly. It was a few years ago since I tried though so It may have changed.
  4. Then I'm sorry for misinterpreting your post. It was similar to a common argument I've seen a lot in the past.
  5. I absolutely hate this argument and it always feels so counter productive. Someone always makes it against any kind of attempt to improve privacy or consumer rights. If Facebook does end up doing that then people will either opt in and there will be not much difference or they will stop using Facebook but on the sites/apps that don't force it user privacy will be improved. It will also allow people (who want to) to make more informed choices about what's happening with their data and make them aware they're being tracked. But lets not ever try to make any improvement no
  6. If you're doing this under a florescent or older led light and you're sensitive to the flickering it could be why. Lights such as a florescent light with a magnetic ballast are the worst for this and will typically flicker at 2x supply frequency so 100-120hz. If this is happening under natural light then maybe its time to see a doctor.
  7. This makes me wonder if someone set up a big speaker next to a HDD, which genre or song would be best for destroying it along with the data on it? The data could still probably be recovered so its not going to replace the hammer approach but it could be a fun concept. Example: Someone is wanted for leaking information and their place is about to be raided. They can't destroy the data properly anyway but they can play one track and hope for the best, which song would it be?
  8. Why not just make a Boolean for your while loop and then set it to false when you want it to stop?
  9. Forever should be possible. I think its just due to the resolution changing so it theoretically should be possible to either get the position for all windows and then set them but account for the change by moving them relative to the change in resloution. Another thing I was thinking about that - maybe - would be possible could be something I'm going to call 'window stacks' where a group of windows could be cascaded and then when you move one window in the stack all others could move too maintaining their position relative to the one you're moving.
  10. I'm not a lawyer but I wonder how this would work with data protection laws if you have sensitive customer data that happens to be still loaded in memory. Could It technically mean its being shared with a 3rd party without consent?
  11. Super bored and considering developing a small program that creates a global hotkey to cascade the active window from a keyboard shortcut. Maybe even a feature where you can lock windows in place with a toggle and remember the position of windows for ones that don't save it. Wonder if many people would be interested in something like that though?
  12. Just found out about this from this thread and its so cool! Seems to be a feature of RTSS from versions 7.3.0 onwards. There's another one here May contain RDR2 Spoilers Can't wait until this becomes more known about and people make some really nice looking overlays for download.
  13. It's worth noting that this is also an 'Early Day motion' and there's little prospect of it even being debated in the house. https://www.parliament.uk/globalassets/documents/commons-information-office/p03.pdf Further reading: https://www.parliament.uk/about/how/business/edms/ https://www.parliament.uk/about/how/business/debates/ https://www.parliament.uk/about/how/laws/
  14. I wonder if this would make it illegal to resell things bought on ebay using the autobid feature?