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  1. I not sure man the connector look like this
  2. I don't know there is no label or writing on the connector
  3. So i wanted to make my front panel audio working on my pc, but there is a little bit problem, i use my old case to save budget HP DC7100CMT from 2004. Because its old i decided to check the front panel audio connector connections using a multimeter and i found something strange. some of the connector is shorted. After i check on the manual i found out the shorted connector. Front panel connector perfectly fit to the motherboard header. Pin 2 (Ground) and pin 7(FAUDIO_JD) Short Pin 5 (Line2_Right) and pin 6 (SENSE) Short pin 9 (Line3_Left) and pin 10 (SENSE) Short Mobo :
  4. yeah but have you tried to crank up the voltage a little bit? maybe it doesnt get enough power so its doesnt post please describe at what speed you wanted to run at, and whats your current timming, dram voltage, soc voltage?
  5. I know this is stupid but I wonder how much voltage needed to kill a ram, i never going further than 1.45v on a 3200mhz ram stick. Have anyone tried like 2v or higher just to see how much voltage need untill it kill the ram? Does different ram speed needs more voltage to kill?
  6. Now I'm using a single 24" monitor from samsung (CF24F390) and I wanted to upgrade my monitor for a better workflow. But there is two option which is get the same monitor so its dual monitor, or i should pick an ultrawide monitor. So which is the best option for an upgrade?
  7. the maximum speed for Ryzen 5 2600x is 2993Mhz, you will have alot of problem if you run them at 3600Mhz. Getting a new motherboard isnt gonna fix the problem