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    AMD RYZEN 5 3400G
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    GIGABYTE RX 570 4G
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    ANTEC VP550P V2
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    SAMSUNG C24F390
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  1. The cooler use a clamp that went into the screw hole on the fan, so i think you can just swap the fan out without having any problem.
  2. That can occur when your DPC latency is high. so you can do a DPC latency test using latency mon or any other program to diagnose for DPC latency. btw mine is fixed by updating the bios.
  3. I wan't to update my windows hoping that it will fix problems. But there is two option, the option are using the Windows 10 Update Assistant or Using Windows Media Creation tool and pressing the update button. What is the difference and which one should I use?
  4. Ok now I know why my restore point is gone
  5. Does updating the Windows with Windows Update Assistant will fix the problem?
  6. Ah mann.... this is absolute dizaster, I cant do a fresh windows Installation. Because I have alot of vst plugins, sketchup plugins, after effects plugins It will be a pain in the ass if I should Install those plugins one by one.
  7. Yesterday everything was fine but after this update it broke the microsoft store. But somehow after update it delete the restore point. This is what I got from Windows Event Viewer
  8. I was trying to fix microsoft store at the first place but ended up breaking up everything. But all I did was reset the microsoft store and now everything doesnt work. Apps that doesnt work : Microsoft Store, Your Phone, Realtek Audio Console, Mail, Xbox, Calculator, Calendar, Alarms And Clock, Get Help, Feedback Hub, Snip And Sketch, Movies And TV, Photos. Almost every windows bloatware is not working except other 3rd party apps. apps just broken.mp4
  9. So heres the problem, I'm using a mic for meeting and I notice that there is a strong noise on the background. At the first I thought it was my mic, but after do some experiment it was my PC itself. Even when I mute the mic it still create that noise, so it's clear that the problem came from the PC. When I plug an aux extension cable it still makin that noise. Change to a different mic, still same result. Unless if I connect it to an audio interface the noise is gone. Is this some grounding issue or it just the ampifier on the motherboard creating that noise. By the way my pc doest
  10. After doing nozzle check on my printer and see the test result, the black nozzle seems to be clogged so I do system cleaning using Canon My Printer Software. After that this error code pops out it says "an error occured 5B00" Because of that problem I went to the internet to fix it, I tried to attemp to reset the printer by holding the stop button and then hold the power button then pressing the stop button like on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wo_suktXOE, after that the yellow indicator light went off so I think its normal again. But when I try to print it still showing the same
  11. I think it's not a good idea to put that cooler on your CPU, because you cant get that much of a cooling solution at that price. I prefer using the AMD stock cooler. In comparison the 9 3900x hits 91c using the AMD prism cooler, and 90c using the Gammax 400s so there not much a difference. I recommend you spent a little bit more on the cooling like be quiet! Pure Rock 2, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Turbo, etc. But the Gammax 400s is good enough to hold heat from the 5600x if you don't overclock your CPU.
  12. If you are using a XMP profile there is noting to be worried at all, because XMP profile is designed to run with the memory stick you use without having any stability issue. All you need to be aware is you install the ram properly. By the way on the manual it says only can go 2933mhz but on the website it can go 3600Mhz, thats wrong because I saw dude on youtube overclocking ram to 3600Mhz on Aorus B450 Elite. I also use Aorus B450 Elite and pair it with Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16Gb 3200Mhz.
  13. No thats not true because I did the same thing but the PC working properly right now no problem at all. Your motherboard is grounded to the screw and then to the case, from the case to body of the PSU, from the PSU to the outlet, from the outlet to the mother earth, not to the IO Shield. Yes you can cut it without worrying it will create any more problems. Theorically your PC will work without an IO shield so cutting a small piece on the IO shield wont harm your PC.
  14. No you cant remove os from the bios. Yes you can do that by connecting the hard drive to your PC if the pc have an OS. or the other way to do it is just get a hard drive docking or a hard drive enclosure which is cheap then remove the os. you can remove the os using the disk management, heres how to do it : Search disk management on start menu and then hit enter > select which hard drive you want to delete > right click > delete volume > right click on the part that shows black > create new volume (you can create new volume or merge it) and you are done.
  15. Remove the gpu clear the bios and try to run it using the Integrated graphic by connecting the hdmi to the mobo see if everything is working except the GPU. Test the GPU on another system and check if its working or not.