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  1. Hey guys what are yalls thoughts on the Strix B550-A or still go with the Prime X570-Pro
  2. Thanks everyone looks like ill be going with the prime pro to go along with my build theme. Now just have to find one lol
  3. I have a 5900X sitting here waiting to be installed and waiting on my 6800XT
  4. Hello everyone quick question on what MOBO everyone would recommend. I am looking into the ASUS Prime x570-Pro or the ASUS Strix X570-E. I was leaning more towards the Prime because trying to go with a white theme but if the Strix is that much better I can deal with a non white MOBO. Thanks everyone.
  5. Thanks Everyone just installed them pull from the bottom and push out the top. thanks for the input. Ill post pics once done
  6. Hey everyone. building a custom loop in the pc-011 dynamic xl case and have some questions. I will be using two radiators one on the top and one on the bottom with the lian li distro block on the side intake. Question is how should I run my fans through the rads. Thinking of pulling through on the bottom and push out through the top. I am using the lian li unifans. Please give me some suggestions on if both fans should push out or bottom pull in and top push out or something else. Thanks everyone.