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  1. This is very good to know. I did see Steve at GN say the Strix 3070 oc pulled around 270w+ so thats when i freaked out...that said... i think he did OC the card hard (something i missed I think). Eitherway, all promising responses and im very thankful Why I didnt come here first is beyond me
  2. LMFAO thanks for giving me some piece of mind and giving me a good chuckle at this I should have really thought rational here instead of panicking, but oh boy 2020 and all that. Thanks again for all the replies and advice should have come here in the first place
  3. Thanks for all the quick replies so far. The tech support guy at Asus stated that my PSU just wouldnt run the GPU at all. Gave me massive cause for concern! Also the noise wont be an issue to me as i always game with headphones on... I will give it a go once the card arrives. worst case, sell my PSU and replace with a 750w
  4. Hi guys, Firstly thank you for taking your time to ready this post! Secondly I will apologise well in advance, I feel this question gets asked a lot but cant find concrete answer. So recently I had to RMA my RTX2070s (had the weirdest fan behaviour). Now today, I was finally able to snag a 3070, frankly only the Asus Strix OC 3070 was avaible so I thought, why not, my 1080 did me well until I sold it. However, I skipped reading about PSU requirements and oh boi, what a rookie mistake to make. My current PSU is a 650 RM650X 80% gold and has been doing