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  1. Update: since I installed the GPU (using the 2 cable method mentioned above) my motherboard beeps 4 times rapidly on startup. It's a Gigabyte board. Everything seems to function properly, the PC starts up fine and I can play games and run 3Dmark TimeSpy with no issues. Should I be worried about the beeps? They weren't there before.
  2. Thanks for helping me out. I'll go through the manual once again and if I don't find anything that says otherwise, I'm going for the double cable approach. Thanks for your answers
  3. So would there be no risk if I plug in two cables of frying my card due to too much power going into it or anything like that?
  4. I'm sorry to clarify, my GPU needs 2x8 pin not just one and my question is can I use one cable (it has 2x8 pins coming from one cable) or do I need to use 2 seperate cables? I'm sorry it's kinda hard to explain for me, so I'll try putting it differently. I currently have one PCIe power cable coming from my PSU that has two 8 pin connectors on it. Can I just plug in both of those 8pins from the one cable OR does it need to be 2 different cables entirely? Sorry if it's confusing, I'm trying lol.
  5. Hello, long time LTT viewer first time poster here, I recently purchased an RTX 3070 from MSI (the Ventus 2x OC) that requires 2x8 pin connectors. Now I am slightly confused as to what I need to use. I have two 6+2 pin cables that both have an extra 6+2 pin on them (so one cable has 2x8 pins in total and I have two of those cables). Should I plug in both connectors from one singular cable or do I need to plug two seperate cables into my PSU instead and feed one 8pin from each into my GPU? Or does it not matter at all? The reason I'm asking is that I managed to fry a GPU