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  1. Hi, All, Hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was verrrrry surprising as my parents gifted me the Phillips Hue HDMI Sync Box & Bridge. I am obviously super excited but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. They also bought me a roll of Govee LED Strip Lights to use with it and I'm worried it won't play nice with it. Anyone able to help me find out whether it will or not? Trying to avoid opening the boxes in case I need to return one or the other.
  2. So, much like everyone else on this tech exploding earth, I am slowly piecing together my first build. I decided to go with 32GB of Crucial Ballistix 3600 CL16 RGB White RAM because I like that it is not crazy bulky or overly flashy, RGB aside. It has been unavailable for roughly a month or so now but is finally back in stock with Microcenter. Can someone tell me how the White version of the RAM I'm looking for is $191 while the same exact spec RAM in black is only $99? I know about the RGB and White tax but c'mon, that is absolutely absurd. At a certain point, price gouging is still price gou
  3. If you're using it all then there is nothing wrong with it. I mean, even if you're not using it all but it is what you wanted and you're happy then who cares right? That is what I'm looking to do as well though, buy top quality that I can so that it will last for a good number of years before I need to update.
  4. What I mean to ask is whether or not you can actually perceive that difference in Boost Clock? Or is it just one of those things where you can't actually see a visible difference because it's so minimal?
  5. Much like everyone else, I am waiting to be lucky enough to buy a 3080 whenever I can. It is to the point now where I will literally take whatever I can get my hands on. I am curious about whether or not there is a noticeable performance difference between the different cards. For instance, the other day I missed out on both the Gigabyte Vision 3080, Founders Edition, and EVGA FTW3. I did not care that the EVGA was $850 while the Gigabyte was $770, but it did make me we wonder why. The Core Clocks and Boost Clocks for those 2 cards are the exact same. With the Core Clocks all being 1440Mhz and
  6. O wow, I wish that was true here in the States. Unfortunately it is a $500 board here and I've never once see it go on sale. I wish it would because I would for sure buy that in an instant. What is your use for your PC? It sounds like a monster setup
  7. Thank you for the rec. While my budget is not an issue, I personally can not justify that MOBO lol. I'm sure it's an absolute beast of a MOBO but it is not the board for me. Thank you!
  8. Definitely will not need more than 3 m.2 slots lol. Which B550 boards would you say are capable of all that? Someone recommended the B550 Vision D but for that amount of money I don't see why I wouldn't just buy the Unify which has even more features.
  9. 1) Which B550 boards would you say are better than X570 boards? More specifically would they be better than any of those boards I listed? Someone recommended a B550 Vision D but I haven't really seen any reviews stating it as being worth the money. In my eyes, if I'm going to spend that much money for the MOBO, I might as well just buy an X570 that has ALL the features I want. 2) The 4.0 chipset is another of the features I would rather have 3) So, specifically, the BIOS Flash, Restart, troubleshooting LEDs, Post Code, and a good Rear IO with the BIOS and Restart there
  10. As the title states, I would like to buy an X570 MOBO for my first build. Please don't ask me if I really need it or if I will fully utilize it. Yes, I will OC if that is your main concern. I am aware that X570 boards are typically for extreme OCing but they also have multiple m.2 slots that I will be utilizing, as well as very helpful troubleshooting features. Those troubleshooting features are a big reason I would like an X570 as I am new to all of this and think it is a good idea to have as much troubleshooting assistance as possible just in case. I also very much want a BIOS Flash on the b
  11. So the Crosshair Hero for $350 isn't a bad deal? Is it that much better than the Unify to justify the extra $50?
  12. The Crosshair VIII Hero https://www.newegg.com/asus-rog-crosshair-viii-hero/p/N82E16813119110?item=N82E16813119110&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=IGNEFL111320&cm_mmc=EMC-IGNEFL111320-_-EMC-111320-Index-_-AMDMotherboards-_-13119110-S3A1D&ignorebbr=1 The Asus ROG Strix X570 https://www.microcenter.com/product/608559/asus-x570-rog-strix-amd-am4-atx-motherboard The Asus ROG Strix X570-E https://www.microcenter.com/product/608551/asus-x570-e-rog-strix-gaming-amd-am4-atx-motherboard The MSI Unify https://www.microcenter.com/product/62
  13. I've been seeing sales for these but I'm not sure what the differences are. There is currently a sale for the Asus ROG Crosshair Hero (listed exactly like that, not Formula or anything else) - is this still a good MOBO even though it is not the Formula version? And then what is the difference between the X570 ROG STRIX and the X570-E ROG STRIX? Lastly, would any of these be considered better than the MSI Unify?