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  1. Well that worked I’m now back into Windows, but as for my ram, what should I do so that the docp profile actually works? Do I set it to it but then increase the voltage or do I try a slower speed? I also did take the liberty to then add my other stick of ram and it booted back into Windows without any issues.
  2. I’ll try the uefi boot but yes I can get into my bios, that said even if I get in it, if I don’t do anything and exit, or shut down I can’t go back into bios without a clearing cmos.
  3. How exactly do I check my m.2 values? As for trying out different ram I don’t have any other ram that I could use.
  4. So I was checking out ryzen master and I noticed that my ram was running at a super high cas latency (high 20’s) so I decided to go and see if my docp (xmp) profile was on and it wasn’t on so I turned it on, but then my pc wouldn’t boot and I’d have my ram light (motherboard trouble shooting light) stay on when I’d turn on my pc while it wouldn’t post. I’ve cleared cmos and got it to go back to bios but now it doesn’t detect a bootable drive which I’ve fixed before using the compatibility mode but now when I enable the setting I get my ram light stay on again and the only solution is to clear
  5. While I agree that another stick of ram could possibly fix your issue, while in games I would go see if you have vsync on as it will make your gpu only render 60 frames unless there’s a setting for double or triple buffed but I doubt there is on all the games you run.