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  1. I doubt someone has a scraper set up and publically available for Canadian sites. Best bet is probably using newegg's built in notification. I talked to a guy at Memory Express and he said I'm more likely to a 3080 before rx 6800 xt. This is going to be a paper launch.
  2. I actually backordered a 3080 at the end of last month expecting it to come around now so I could choose between the two once the 6800xt reviews were out. The 3080 came in 2 weeks so I decided to cancel and wait for 6800xt reviews. Hopefully it's just another 2 week wait again. Backordered a second time last Friday.
  3. Oh hell no, I'm not willing to get there that early. I'm doing 9:30AM the earliest, I'll just put my name down for the 20th one down the line. I'm building a full PC so I'll probably be back on Black Friday to get deals on the rest of the parts. I don't expect to have a new computer this month anyways.
  4. How early did you arrive at the store? and how long was the line? I'm thinking of getting a 6800xt there when it comes out.