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  1. also answer me this. my first 5600XT was from XFX it needs a 450W PSU, that one died... next if my powercolor 5600XT it needs a 500W PSU and it also died. now the 5700XT from powercolor died as u saw in the video. u cant say i was using to much power cuz i was in the clouds waiting a heist to start. in the cloud its not that demanding. answer that. also my sapphire rx 580 pulse needs a 500W PSU. so mind telling me how its my PSU?
  2. the box is here. it looks like i have a 600W and not a 650W. the card on there site says it needs a 650W so im 50W shot. so they how is it that i can play RE8 and Cyberpunk 2077 and MAX setting 1080p for hours and GTA 5 a game from 2015 kills the card.
  3. no its the way forums work when u copy and past. my PSU is not even a year old. if it was the PSU i would still be having problems and im not. something about AMD 5,000 cards r just cursed. just google any 5,000 card from AMD and u would see alot of posts on reddit and what not of ppl having there cards shat the bed
  4. if it was something like that then my RX580 should be long died. yet is still works and its a ebay used 580 at that
  5. i even got it on video to GTA Online of all games killed the card. the real kicker is i was in the clouds!!!!!!!!!!! wait for a heist to start. u can skip to 17 mins to see when the card just dies on me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6WBseKwfqU&t=1007 ive now gone though three 5,000 series GPUs from AMD. my first two was a XFX 5600XT and then a powercolor 5600XT, now its powercolor 5700XT that powercolor themselfs upgraded me that shat the bed. r the 5,000 GPUs just doomed to be cursed? my RX580 at the least still works. but man this sucks a big one.
  6. oh well poo, didnt want to spend more money then i already had. but looks like im going to thx for the help.
  7. does anyone know what wires r for sound? i want to cut into the cable so i can have sound when im using my PS3. i use to have a HP monitor with speakers but i killed it the other day now im using a small but nice DELL monitor for the time being until i can get it replaced/RMAed.
  8. im looking at upgrade the WiFi card on my HP Laptop this is the one thats in the laptop now i'll like to upgrade it to something like this - https://www.amazon.com/UFON-MU-MIMO-Wirelss-Bluetooth-Support/dp/B07SH6GV5S/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=wifi+6+m.2&qid=1622759993&sr=8-8 but idk if it will work with my laptop or not
  9. turns out it legitech messed up the gestures for the keybored i'm using. setpoint fixed it for me.
  10. i have no idea what this feature is called but it keeps coming up every time i use my logitech k400r and make the PC a big pain to use
  11. again u have no idea one what your talking about. if what u r saying was true what is happening to my laptop would ALWAYS happen no matter what i do. yet all i need to do is to HARD RESTART that laptop and everything will work just fine. its has to be something with AMD drivers or the way HP made this in china.
  12. i just got done recording minecraft runing on this laptop with a core temp of 194F and it max out at 206F. the lowest FPS i got with 30FPS. yet MC run just fine its not throttling. the avg FPS is 100FPS BTW
  13. if it was throttling itself i would do this every single time i trying playing any game on this laptop when thats not the case at all. i thinking this one may just be defective. even when im not gaming, just watching a YT video i'll still see this laptop go to 200F. but unlike when im gaming the YT video will still play like nothing happend