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  • Birthday Jun 15, 1974

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    Florida USA
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    Learning about new Tech equipment. Auto mechanics (own a Hummer H2). Gaming with PC, PS3, PS2, XB one, Nintendo and Super Nintendo minis (both are modded for retro games). Watching movies, documentaries and vids like LTT. Electrical work vice mechanical. Being home (Im at sea a lot). Motorcycling. Road trips. Swimming.
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    Maine Maritime Academy 5 yr BS in Marine Systems Engineering grad 1997. TouroU IT management MS grad 2004. X-US Navy officer (1997-2006) . Commercial Merchant Mariner 2006-2015. US Govt Civilian Mariner (2015 - current).
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    Marine engineering officer (sailor)


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    AMD Ryzen 9 4900H
  • Motherboard
    Dell Inspiron G5 15 5505 (laptop)
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    32GB DDR4 3200Mhz (2x16GB Crucial)
  • GPU
    Radeon RX 5600M 6GB GDDR6 (laptop)
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    NA - laptop
  • Storage
    2 x 2TB M.2 PCIe NVMe 2280 SSDs (Crucial)
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    15.6” FHD (1920-1080) 144Hz refresh
  • Keyboard
    Integrated RGB
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64bit
  • Laptop
    Dell Inspiron G5 15 5505
  • Phone
    +1 904-742-2247

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  1. One of my Crucial DDR-4 3200 16GB memory chips failed (I’ve never had that issue before). Due to availability and my job possibly sending me overseas, Im sending the crucial memory back and just got some similar G.SKILL RAM rush delivered from Newegg....


    Here is a video about it......



  2. My new Dell G5 15 5505 is holding its own.....


    I have AVS video converter converting 10 AVI files to MP4 at the same time with up to 100% CPU load.


    My old laptop “definitely” would have crashed by now....





  3. Am I reading this right? Apparently this laptop (Dell G5 15 5505) is overclocking it’s self.....


    3.3 Ghz base speed and running up to 4.05 Ghz.....


    Im converting a movie from AVI to MP4 with AVS software in gaming mode....



    1. Windows7ge


      Nope. That CPU can turbo up to 4.4GHz. It's not inherently an overclock. The CPU was spec'd to run at that speed from the factory.

    2. RobtCA1974


      Kool beans. Thanks....I haven’t done my homework. Happy Holidays.


    Upgraded my Dell Laptop today (21NOV2020):


    Upgraded RAM to Crucial 32GB (2x16) DDR4 3200MHz CL22


    Upgraded to 2 x 2TB M.2 2280 SSDs (Crucial P1 NAND NVMe 2000MB/s)


    Cloned the old SSD with EaseUS and a USB-C Sokiwi M.2 reader.


    Dell does not have the bracket heat sink for one of the M.2 SSDs in stock (Part YX0F3) - neither does anyone else.  I took an AlienWare M15 laptop SSD bracket heat sink (Part 0910J) and modified it to fit. It looks rough, but it works.....






    1. Letgomyleghoe


      that is the most janky heatsink ive ever seen

    2. RobtCA1974


      Well it works......I’m not waiting months for a non-existent part to become available. 

    3. RobtCA1974


      Finally put the right part in......


      Took a while to get one (6 weeks)


  5. Here is a basic reveal video I created about the Dell Inspiron G5 15 5505 with AMD hardware. Just the stats, unboxing and post. The invoice states it is a Dell “Inspiron” G5 15 5505. Im new to this type of Dell laptop....and to my surprise it has a turbo gaming “G” button and separate keyboard lighting function button. During the initial software load up it got hung up after cortana.....no surprise there (Microsoft stuff always seems to do that to me) and I did a force restart. I got Diablo III to work on it. That froze up too the first time. Af
  6. Yes, at 8.3lbs or more........thats heavy man.....wow 15.6” fits nicely into a backpack.....I travel a-lot overseas with mine....
  7. Wow! That seems really pricey. Its like the Ferrari of laptops..... Nice specs though.....Im a dell guy myself.... A Dell XPS or Inspiron G5 might work for you. Buy with small ram/ssd PCle and upgrade it yourself. Im supposed to get an Inspiron G5 15 5505 tomorrow with AMD Ryzen 9 4900H/Radeon RX 5600M GDDR6. Its on one of my status posts. Its about $1700 without extended warranty and without Ms-Office software. Hope this helps.....
  8. I’ve had issues with UGREEN adapters also......if it’s not a PC, the 2.5 SSD/SATA UGREEN adapters can be finicky and/or don’t seem to work right on other devices like stand alone media players (probably from driver issues or nonexistent drivers) or cloning drives via cloning boot software... Im a big Crucial hard drive/ram brand fan.....
  9. Very kool.....multi-dimensional rig!,,,, Im DW fan too Unfortunately BritBox is not showing any DW past the classics (McCoy) right now
  10. HUMMERS ANYONE.... I own the 2005 tan one below now (bought it about 3 years ago).... I traded the others. The red H3 was too small. The black H2 had too many maintenance issues and was a “hidden” rust monster from Kansas. Got the tan one in Florida..... Very maintenance intensive....just had the AC blower control resistor crap out I converted the day time running lights to fog lights Retractable foot rails..... 37” BFGs Rear air suspension system Both front and rear diffs have a powertrax lock-r

    So......I took the plunge and purchased a Dell Inspiron G5 15 5505 AMD Ryzen 9 4900H, DDR4 2x8GB 3200Mhz Ram, Radeon RX 5600M GDDR6 6GB build laptop.  It is supposed to be delivered tomorrow (12NOV2020). 

    Dell’s “online” build program only allowed a 1TB PCle SSD. I texted them to find out about upgrade pricing and “of course” it was thru the roof. I can buy a 2TB crucial PCle SSD and a cloning device on amazon for the price of Dell’s 2TB AA902127 part (see pics). 

    I have always had excellent results with crucial products.....


    Somehow Dell also snuck a $43 12-month McAfee membership onto my invoice, when I only wanted the 30 day “free trial”.  Im actually a “Webroot” fan.


    Any thoughts or advice (especially on the SSD cloner shown). I can not find a laptop review “anywhere” on this “particular AMD G5 build”  

    Expect a video review of it from “me” later......






    1.   Show previous replies  1 more
    2. RobtCA1974


      Lol.....me too....I saw it last night. 

      I dont mind the extended warranty because Im hard on my laptop....but no thanks on the McAfee...

    3. Fasauceome


      By the way, I recommend a much cheaper SSD dock, even a USB dock since you're just copying an operating system. The 10GBs is for some extended usage so I don't recommend that unless you want NVMe external drives into the future.

    4. RobtCA1974


      Thanks.  I purchased this one for a lot less and used EaseUS for cloning....


  12. I definitely need some cable management......


    1.   Show previous replies  3 more
    2. Bombastinator
    3. RobtCA1974


      Oh ok.  I was planning on putting a clear or wood panel over it anyway.....sometime. 🙂

      Its 14 x 14 inches. Im probably going to end up hacking the metal frame sides off, make the hole 14 x 24 (L x H) with a wooden shelf in the middle to fit the small UPS below the modem/router and separate the outlet more for better fitment.


      I still need to add two more CAT 5/6 network drops and a TV cable drop too. The current TV cables (3 more) are hidden above in the wall.


    4. Bombastinator


      They make bigger ones.  They start to get a bit pricey. They’re designed so the hole they cover doesn’t even need to be square.

  13. What about the 860 EVO vs QVO. I have a 860 QVO which must be slower....