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  1. yeah its a t 7mh/s but i still find it wierd that a share completes so slow (you can see hashes/min with gminer)
  2. hi i was wondering why it takes so long for my pc to finish a share on ravencoin, it says it does about 0.07 shares per minute. Is this normal? (im running one gtx 1650)
  3. even if you would mod it to let it think it has more vram?
  4. hi, i was wondering what would happen if you modded a gpu bios so it can mine coins that need more vram. Does this work or not?
  5. Hi, i have 2 560ti’s. If i install one of them in a system it will boot up normally until i download drivers, then it will just randomly give me a bluescreen over and over. Any idea how to fix this
  6. Ok i guess ill try it. Thanks for the info
  7. Im now trying the auto overclock in msi afterburner. Im not sure if its any good but i wanted to give it a shot
  8. Yeah cuz then it will use more than 75watts and a pci slot is rated at max 75watts
  9. Okay that was also my biggest concern thanks for the advise
  10. Hi i was wondering since the 1650’s power consumption is 75watts could i overclock it even thought the max power a pci slot can deliver is 75watts
  11. Yes i did it normally works just fine but it doesnt give the point from one computer
  12. I dont receive all f@h points i mine i didnt get 250k of the points i mined