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  1. hi, my rx 480 stopped showing display today, so i put it in a pc with integrated graphics and to my suprise it showed up. I should add to this that i constantly got a blue screen of death with the "thread stuck in device driver" code. Anyone who knows a fix?
  2. the last one i tried was an asus bios, since the xfx one i had didnt have the same device id
  3. i think the sticker has fell off, but i do know its a xfx hd7950 3gb ddr5
  4. okay, than i wont bother buying it and yes i still live with my parents
  5. ive tried that yes, thats how i got it to even show up, might not have the exact right bios?
  6. hi, so ive bought a hd 7950 i want to try to fix, the wierd thing is that when i use a pc with integrated graphics it does show up in device manager, i also can read out the temps, but it cannot be used or cannot install drivers properly. Anyone that has any idea whats wrong
  7. any idea about ethereum classic or ravencoin? i can pick one of these up for 20 bucks
  8. power isnt a problem for me, but will it even mine anything?
  9. hi, i was wondering if the r9 270x can still mine coins like etc and vertcoin, if so does anyone know what the hashrate will be?
  10. that could be yes, the temps dropped about 2 degrees