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  1. As buying a new graphics card at the moment impossible I thought that I would try my hand at water cooling my system. However sensibly at the moment companies are only producing water blocks for 20-series cards and up. I have found this block: https://www.watercoolinguk.co.uk/p/EK-Water-Blocks-EK-Thermosphere-Nickel_69762.html (assuming that I can get the correct mounting). Does anyone have any recommendations about VRM and VRAM heatsinks as this block only covers the die itself. Will passive cooling do?
  2. Thanks for the clarification on the JP21 adapter Freakwise. I wasn't sure if the input for the OSSC was JP21 or scart (hence the confusion). And I'm amazed, they are literally charging extra for a sticker that tells you what button does what on the remote. I thought that "overlay" might be an on screen menu system or interface. Because I've got multiple consoles I think that the remote will be a hassle saver. I think that I can go ahead with the purchase now but I would still appreciate insight into hooking up NES and N64 to this thing.
  3. Hi all, After watching Anthony's video on the OSSC and recently replacing my old composite/scart compatible TV I was looking at picking one of these up. The only thing is I have no idea of what extras I need or even what some of the extras even are. If anyone has any experience or knowledge dealing with one of these I would greatly appreciate some pointers. Some of my general questions from looking at the store page: What is the overlay? Some of my consoles have EU scart but does that mean that I need the JP21 adapter? Is the remote needed for oper
  4. Any particular reason? It's no where near the jankiest thing I've ever done and surely splitting the load across more than just a single 8 pin is better? Scratch all that, my PSU uses 18AWG wire for the molex connectors which comes up short when carrying the 13 amps needed for EPS12v. I would like to think that over current protection would kick in first but why gamble?
  5. Thanks, I wont buy that then. I know that my mobo works without the extra 4-pin but I was thinking about playing with the socket power limits and I am unsure about it without the full power delivery. Molex to 4-pin it is.
  6. Hi, I'm here in search of answers. I'm currently using a Bequite! Pure Power 9 700W modular power supply with an ASUS ROG STRIX X570-E with a 3700X CPU. This power supply only has a single 8-pin EPS12V connector, I've seen this cable but I'm unsure of compatibility: https://www.bequiet.com/en/accessories/1448 I'm assuming that it will plug into my spare PCI-E port on the PSU (10 pin) but I can't find any literature on the matter. (Also to avoid confusion my power supply is an older model, I realise that Bequite! states that my PSU is not modular) Website wit
  7. I have no idea why he wanted that one. I recommended the Noctua NH-U14S but he wanted a low profile. My alternative was going to be the BeQuite! Dark Rock TF but it's only advantage over the Noctua is a slight height reduction (as well as improved cooling) but is otherwise massive. He is using a full sized tower case so I can see no reason to go low profile anyway. Thanks for help.
  8. Nice simple question: my friend has purchased himself a 5800X and wants to pair it with a SHADOW ROCK TF 2 cooler from bequiet! I say that it's not enough based on my experience with a 3700X but my results may be skewed by a missing EPS12V connection. What do you guys think?