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  1. OpenSource the shit out of it. I heard there are a few opensource projects. There is one very promising. Edit: Found it -> https://gitlab.com/CalcProgrammer1/OpenRGB I haven't done any research about it, so I don't know much. I found it on a Reddit post and people commented that it works with most if not all brands.
  2. You also know what that means right? Expect the prices to increase...extremely! With such a demand, it is inevitable. And demand keeps growing.
  3. Oh, no. You might wanna pay a visit to your doctor. You might have early stages of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  4. Is it possible to build a keyboard that has the following attributes?: - under 150 € - rgb - sounds thuddy (that thick noise I mean) - preferably TKL because it will be used for typing in a bash terminal - is not out of stock and is not sold on drop - PBT keycaps optional: - preferably hot swapable, but not important - wifi I can lube switches and stuff, I can put a pad between the pcb and case. If for 150 € is not possible, what about 200 €? ABSOLUTE MAX 250 €.
  5. Serious question. Do you have any pets or other individuals who could have done something to PC? Before you RMA the monitor, give it a few gentle slaps. Even if it starts working normal you will have to RMA it tho.
  6. If you're talking about Wallpaper Engine, you can use it. When you're not on the desktop (for example browsing or playing a game) the wallpaper stops moving.
  7. No. That plays no role at all. Your graphics card can output X amount of frames, and your monitor can display Y amount of frames.
  8. 1440p 144 hz all the way. Forget 1080p. 1080p & many FPS only if you're pro player or playing competitive in big leagues and need the extra FPS and quality is not important.
  9. I know it matters, but both CPUs are almost the same in terms of usability. For gaming a 5600X would be actually the best pick. 5800X is there only to make the customer purchase 5900X if he really needs more cores for his job (video editing/rendering, 3d modeling, etc). But because I want to order 5800X, and 3900XT has the same price, I was wondering which one is better.
  10. Where I live they cost the same. It doesn't matter what I will use them for. I am just wondering which one is better. Looking at the specs of both CPUs, it seems 3900XT is much better (more cores, more threads). What do you think?
  11. If I had a shop, I would prefer to have a clear name than have it smudged by bad companies. I am sure Newegg don't need the scalpers to make money. They're just ruining their name.
  12. The one and only JonnyGURU answering my thread? How awesome! No cheap stuff. Only quality stuff! Haha JonnyGURU recommended! It's this one: https://www.jonnyguru.com/blog/2018/07/03/seasonic-prime-ultra-750-titanium-power-supply It is indeed Energy Star certified. So I guess I'll be fine. Thanks for popping by and helping out. Really appreciate it!
  13. I didn't know where to ask this, so I just put it here. Hopefully a mod will move it to the right section. Anyone knows if a Master/Slave power strip works when a PC is turned off? For example, I want to put my PC on the Master socket, and the speakers, the monitor, and the phone charger on Slave sockets. Will they get turned off when I shut down the PC? I think the PC drains some energy even when it's off, but not sure.